10 day cleansing

10 day cleanse

10 day cleansing involved  three days of precleanse followed by two days of total body cleansing repeated two times. The body's reaction to the cleansing process is not static. 

 Even at the end of a ten day cleansing the body will be eliminating at a higher rate than before the cleanse was started.

 So keep pushing water and keep taking a Low level of cleansing herbs to keep bowels open.

 Cleansing is cyclical.  Proper preparation for deeper cleansing is the way.  A precleanse opens the organs of elimination so a back up of toxic materials is avoided. The precleanse can even be extended when a person is overly toxic or weak.

Pre-Cleanse Two Day Colon CleanseTwo Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse 3 Day Detox

10 day Cleansing can mean there can be ups and downs

Some times there can be ups and downs during longer 10 day cleansing programs. At times an emotional roller coaster as tissues are cleansed because tissues can store emotions and traumas as well. This is something more common in long-term cleansing as the physical part of cleansing slows and deeper psychic materials may come to the top.  Longer-term cleanses delete the over activity that many people have, nervous energy which often is a cover for deeper issues that the soul wants to resolve if possible.

Deep cleansing can almost be a giving birth or re-birth experience. Shorter 3, 5, 7 day cleanses can build and prepare for deeper processes. (Some people have a hard time cleansing because of an emotional feeling that needs resolution and not just a physical blockage. Removing the blockages from elimination can even assist when their is a metaphysical issue when the person is prepared on a higher level to face higher issues.)


The purpose of a PRECLEANSE is to jump start  elimination. Cleansing when the colon is clogged means a possible unpleasant experience.

Fill the body with water and benign vegetable fiber, giving bulk to the colon, breaking loose stored putrid materials.

Add a lot of low carbohydrate vegetables.  Good food choices drives out the bad.  Many superb choices here:  37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,           Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet


Protein and fats are important for rebuilding the body. These can be of low quality or high quality.  Excesses of the low quality types are being removed during a cleansing process. High quality lean meats gently cooked added to a base of low carbohydrate vegetables can keep up strength while cleansing.  Its next to impossible to rebuild on a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

 Most people have been short of quality proteins and fats to rebuild the body for a long time. You can't rebuild the body without these.

 Eliminate all grains during the  10 day cleansing.

Hering's Law of cure

A key law related to natural healing is Hering’s Law of Cure. It means that we earn in a cause and effect relationship the level of health we are experiencing.

Clearly you are responsible for where you are today.

Hering's law states that healing occurs from the inside out and from the top down.

Working with the cycle of cleansing and healing means developing a sensitivity to the body. With a precleanse and then regular two day cleanses you can maximize cleansing without pushing the process.  This is a natural process with its own internal logic independent of the schedules and mechanisms of the modern world. 

When earned through consistent health building, new life can come into the body and create new tissue to replace the old. There can be major and minor healing "crises" of large elimination followed by inner peacefulness.

A person may begin to tingle and get warm all over, then have a major bowel evacuation or other form of elimination and then become charged with energy. Aging has a lot to do with weakened cells reproducing and creating weaker cells. The sooner we can eliminate deeply stored wastes the less degeneration will occur to our bodies.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,                                          Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet