3 day detox diet

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3 day detox diet: The modern lifestyle and time constrains have become such that long term fasts and cleanses, using vital foods and natural juices are much less common. 

 Shorter three day programs are more common because they fit better with work schedules. These shorter cleanse typically use potent herbal blends to support and activate a greater cleanse reaction.

 A 3 day detox diet is roughly equivalent to a pre-cleanse used in preparation for a three day, seven day, ten day, fourteen day or even a 21 day cleanse or detox.

 As with a pre-cleanse it's a really good idea to at least take herbal blends designed for full body cleansing at a low dose but yet enough to get good eliminations at the very start of a cleanse.

precleanse is a preparation for improved elimination

When a precleanse is done properly unpleasantness of too rapid a stirring up of toxins for removal can be mostly avoided.

 Fill the body with water and vegetable fiber, giving bulk to the colon, breaking loose stored materials. The gut works better when it is full.  Filling up with benign vegetables of all sorts or apples help to sweep out putrid materials which may have been there for  years.

 Emphasis needs to be on low carbohydrate vegetables as the high carbohydrate fruits and vegetables stress the blood sugar control system and contribute to growth of harmful microbes in the intestines.

 Introducing good food items drives out the bad.  You can make some good choices from this list here:  37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,       Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet

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Making salads, soups and juices or blended vegetables clear the body of putrid surface materials. Then with time, patience, rest and harmonious environment deeper housekeeping/housecleaning can be started according to the wisdom of your own body.

long term goal of 3 day detox diet, repeated often

The long term goal of cleansing or detox programs should be to help open the organs of elimination so more wastes products, poisons and toxins are able to be removed from the body.  This goal is seldom mentioned, but it is no important.

 The major organs of elimination are: colon, lungs, skin, kidneys and lymphatic system. All cells and tissues eliminate wastes regular when healthy, meaning a healthier and more vital body is going to move more wastes from all areas of the body and then move these to the major organs for elimination.

 When a cleanse is started and the big five elimination organs are not working well, the more wastes stirred up and moved into the blood and lymph fluid, the more chance a person is going to feel somewhat ill, experiencing flu like symptoms.

Withhold Toxic Food, Add Living Nutrition,
Water, Rest and Cleanse.

When food is withheld as in fasting or when higher quality food is eaten, places where the body has stored excess wastes open to prepare for the body to eliminate these wastes. If the organs are not able to excrete all the wastes stirred up, the blood will retain the wastes and then re-circulate.  This is classed as a cleansing reaction which may cause flu like symptoms, aching, swelling, inflammation, and fever.  If these flu like symptoms occur, this shows us that the body cannot eliminate as much waste as is stirred up, so cutting back on the cleansing could make the experience better. Cleansing reactions are accompanied by an increase in elimination.

 This is why proper preparation, a pre-cleanse is important, to make the process easier and more enjoyable, to reduce or eliminate the flu like symptoms.

 Then after a 3 day detox diet cleanse, you can do a post cleanse by drinking more water and possibly a small amount of full body cleansing herbs. The body will continue to remove wastes at a higher level for some time after a cleanse.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,                                          Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet