3 Day Detox

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1. Pre-cleanse
2daycolon, 2dayliver, 2daykidney

A 3 Day Detox is made easier when it is considered a weekend or an extended week end cleanse.  The situation most people find themselves in is needing to work five days a week, leaving only two days to cleanse.

As a result detoxing usually never begins. Not knowing what to expect often means no action is taken.

When we think of doing a pre-cleanse on a Friday or even slowly prepping for the weekend, the project for many people becomes doable.

Pre-cleanse, The Start of A Three Day Cleanse

A pre-cleanse starts the cleanse, making it easier and more effective.

 Many people are concerned about cleansing in that they have work obligations so can't be down more than two days at a time. Since the work environment often restricts the ability to use a restroom, as needed, many feel limited in the choice to cleanse.

 A pre-cleanse is the solution to this problem.  A day or even several days can be used prior to the weekend for gentle preparation.  The pre-cleanse goal is to change the diet to more healthy foods as suggested through some of the links on this site and then filling the gut with vegetable fibers and more fluid.Additionally complete body cleansing herbs are used to start of process of increasing elimination of stored wastes.

3 day detox pre-cleanse

Pre-Cleanse Two Day Colon CleanseTwo Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse 3 Day Detox

1. While doing a pre-cleanse, a small amount of full body herbal cleansing blends are introduced, 1 or 2 capsules a day

2. A gradual increase in fibrous foods and herbal cleansing blends starts to make changes you can observe.

 A pre-cleanse helps you develop a sense of your tolerance for cleansing. If 1 or 2 capsules of full body detox herbal blend in conjunction will change of diet and fluids does not give full and complete elimination then 1 or 2 additional capsules must be added per day until good elimination occurs.  Until you get good and complete elimination the weekend portion of this cleanse should be delayed.

3 day detox equals one day pre-cleanse
                      and two days detox

3 day detox = 1 day pre-cleanse and 2 day cleanse/detox

 A three day detox is ideally one or more days pre-cleanse and two days of colon, liver and kidney cleansing with supportive foods, fluids and juices. Then follow this with post cleansing which would be a lot of water and possible a small amount of full body cleansing herbs especially if there is a feeling of constipation setting in. 

 A short detox program means you will continue to cleanse at a higher rate once the time period has ended.

 The body will continue to eliminate the wastes stirred up during the 3 day detox for several days at least. It takes energy to eliminate stored toxicity, so cyclical or periodic cleansing is called for, time for re-building and adjusting after a cleanse.  Its better to do a three day cleanse every week for  three or four weekends than a twenty-one day cleanse for example, especially until the body has the largest bulk of toxins available for rapid elimination has been done. 

 Remember that toxins stirred up for elimination if not rapidly removed will be re-deposited and could be re-deposited in areas that could be less healthy for you. Its an unknown issue.

 So there is a need to drink a lot of water after the 3 day period is over.

Continue to Drink A lot of Water

The rule of thumb for water consumption is 1/2 to 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight.  Specially filtered water such as reverse osmosis treated water or even distilled water is preferred. 

Just because toxicity can be stirred up from storage sites does not mean you can remove all that what has been activated during the 3 day detox in 3 days.  Toxicity that has been released into the blood could be relocated and stored again in less safe areas unless you continue to cleanse.  Some wastes could be driven deeper to cause more chronic and permanent problems.

remember, Do A Post Cleanse also!!!

The body will continue to cleanse after the 3 day detox period. Doing a post cleanse similar to the pre-cleanse can improve your results. Its wise work with the process by extending into some post cleanse  work. it costs very little to do this.

Long-term Goal of cleansing

The long term goal of cleansing programs should be to help open the organs of elimination so more wastes products, poisons and toxins are able to be removed from the body.  This goal is seldom mentioned, but it is no important.

 The major organs of elimination are: colon, lungs, skin, kidneys and lymphatic system. All cells and tissues eliminate wastes regular when healthy, meaning a healthier and more vital body is going to move more wastes from all areas of the body and then move these to the major organs for elimination.

 When a cleanse is started and the big five elimination organs are not working well, the more wastes stirred up and moved into the blood and lymph fluid, the more chance a person is going to feel somewhat ill, experiencing flu like symptoms.

 This is why a pre-cleanse is important, to make the process easier and more enjoyable, to reduce or eliminate the flu like symptoms.

 Then after a cleanse, you can do a post cleanse by drinking more water and possibly a small amount of full body cleansing herbs. The body will continue to remove wastes at a higher level for some time after a cleanse.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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