3-day juice cleanse

3-day juice cleansePre-cleanse essentials

The benefits of a 3-day juice cleanse are well known. Juicing cleansing helps to reverse chronic degenerative disease when done properly. 

In all body cleansing procedures its important to start slowly with a pre-cleanse routine a day before  3-day juice cleanse.

A decision needs to be made as to whether its a do-it-yourself juicing program or not.

The choices are canned or frozen and reconstituted juice, fresh juice purchased locally to you, freeze dried greens as powder and re-constituted, pasteurized commercial juices available in most grocery stores or juicing yourself.

Do-it-yourself juicing seems the best thing to do, giving the best most vital and nutritious juice if you can get good quality produce in your area, the drawback being the initial expense of specialized equipment for juicing.

how much juice?

Preparing and drinking 2-4 quarts of juice per day is ideal for most people.  Juices detoxify stored wastes rapidly so the effect of this process varied widely between people.  Some people may need to take less juice because the elimination is just too much for them.

Un-eliminated wastes stirred up during a 3-day juice cleanse can give flu like symptoms as well as feelings of fatigue during the 3 day period.  It take energy to eliminate so working with the process by resting during periods of fatigue is appropriate.

main juicing items: carrots, celery, cucumbers, apples

The main food items to juice for a 3-day juice cleanse include carrots, apples, cucumbers and celery.  Organic is preferred. 

Three to five pounds of carrots should yield a quart of juice, the same with apples.  So thirty pounds of carrots, ten pounds of apples, one bunch of large beets, two or three heads of celery, and several bunches each of parsley and cilantro should make enough juice got a 3 day juice cleanse.

Carrots and apples are normally available anywhere all year round. Organic carrots are readily available and inexpensive.

 If not organic, carrots or apples can be peeled to remove commercial chemicals and pesticides or brushed under running water and lathered and washed with special organic soups designed for this purpose.

 Green leafy vegetables require a special juicer made for grasses.  Greens will foam in standard juicers. The foam is an introduction of air into the juice, oxidizing the juice, reducing nutritional value and making the juice not as tasty. 

 Greens must be organic as washing is very difficult because of the large surface area which allows pesticides and other farming chemicals to adhere to a large surface making it hard to clean effectively.  

alternatives to juicing yourself

1.Buy fresh juice locally. Very few health food store today offer fresh juice, its perishable and not a great turner, so to get freshly made juice that you don't make yourself means you have to hunt it down.

 Some fresh juice retailers may even deliver as in my locality.This juice will be hours old but probably made the same day you receive it.  Some even package several different juices in their own 3-day juice cleanse.

 As a specialty juicing is marketed at a high price for those who can afford it.  In my area its about $8-10 for a pint of juice made the same day.

3-day juice cleanseNaked Juice Label

2. Buying popular juices available at most grocery stores

 Naked brand juice uses the buzz "gently" pasteurized to describe their juice. Note that the label says its natural for juice to separate. Separation occurs after many hours of degradation.

The parent company of Naked settled a lawsuit regarding claims as to the nature of ingredients and terms to describe them for nine million dollars. 

 What can be said about this is the common business practice to make a product appear better than it is by hiding behind high sounding words, while providing a lower quality product from which a higher profit can be extracted from customers.

Odwalla juice also is pasteurized but does not claim to be "gently" pasteurized but make a big point they re=cycle and therefore environmentally responsible.

3. Dried grasses, vegetables, fruits especially when freeze dried and then reconstituted and consumed quickly seems a better juice to the commercially available pasteurized and denatured juices available at most or all grocery stores.

Pasteurization definitely kills all the enzymes so it destroys most if not all the vital life force.  Pasteurization kills the friendly and unfriendly bacteria so spoiling is delayed for sometime.

Once juiced vegetable and fruit juices should be consumed within 20-30 minutes.  Juice may last one day or two when refrigerated but the decline in value is rapid.

Full body cleansing herbs with a 3-day juice cleanse works well

Taking full body cleansing herbs with a lot of water while juice cleansing can reduce the amount of juice you need to drink and still get best results.

Once neutralized, these poison wastes need to be eliminated. With a pure juice diet you will be lacking fiber in the colon to absorb these toxins and move them through, a good reason to do a pre-cleanse as well as herbal blends to open the organs of elimination and help keep them open. 

Fiber also gives the bowel wall something to push against, giving the bowel exercise and toning.  Improving peristalsis.

Taking full body cleansing herbs while juice cleansing can provide the added support you will likely need.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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