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All Natural Colon Cleanse includes the rebuilding of the digestive and elimination systems.  The weak tone of the colon must be strengthened by daily use of  herbs that strengthen the bowel wall and help to heal and build any defects in the structure.

Fully 80 % of the population has some sort of intestinal complaint. Intestinal problems precede many degenerative conditions. It is said that we are what we eat as well as what is eating us.

 The most common intestinal parasites are yeasts and molds. Grains and sugars feed the yeasts and molds. The mycotoxins produced by these species lower overall immunity, at times making relatively benign bacteria and viruses lethal.  AIDS, for example, shows that a suppressed immune system makes a person open game for illnesses that are normally easily overcome.

The goal is a colon which eliminates waste completely. A liver that excretes a lot of bile and a colon wall with good tone will do this well.

 The best colon cleansers will over a period of months build the colon to the level where the colon cleanser will not be needed or rarely needed.

All Natural Colon Cleanse corrects
colon structural problems

Long-term colon toxemias may have cause scarring, ulcerations, chrohn’s, adhesions where fibrous bands of connective tissue trap the intestines, narrowing, herniations, strangulations, perforations, blockages due to worms (with enlargement above the blockage with swelling and inflammation). Tenderness in the intestinal area can indicate any of these.

All Natural Colon Cleanse helps to address these chronic long-term conditions resulting from inherent constitutional weakness and/or long-term life-style errors. 

One major obstacle is the years of bad lifestyle habits, foods that have clogged the intestines, foods that have damages the intestines because of their bad quality and harmful general effects.

Good food and good nutrients will heal the scarring and scar tissue will be absorbed and made well again. This is because the body heals and rebuilds itself when the proper nutrition is given.

Assist body cleansing with mindfulness

The core work is to use the best colon cleansers and let them work as part of the all natural colon cleanse. Allow them to work. There is a certain mindfulness involved in the rebuilding process. The body is self-healing and self-cleansing. Often the body just needs a little nudge in the right direction to response wonderfully.  The best colon cleansers give the body a nudge.  The mind however when in a sympathetically dominant mode can shut down subconscious processing. 

The fight or flight response to the environment needs to be reduced as much as possible. The conscious mind when in too much control can shut down the ability of the subconscious to work.  As for body processes, there is too much for the conscious mind to control.  If the conscious mind can let go, the unconscious will take control. That in conjunction with the nudging of the herbs in the right direction allows healing.

All Natural colon cleanse can be approached hard or soft. Soft is better. Merely starting this process shows respect for your body.

You can assist the healing process by a mindful awareness of the body and passing emotions (in sympathetic dominance the emotions are cycled rather than dealt with). 

When you take the herbal supplementation affirm its use to the body. Be confident of success. Allow yourself to feel the effect of these herbs upon your system.  A pain? A discomfort?  Breath in, breath through the source of this discomfort. let that part relax and be well.  This does not have to be a long process. Releasing blockages can be done very rapidly. You build a habit and conditioned response to this healing. its the way the body works.

build healthy gut flora and mucosal lining

The inside is connected to the outside. As the inner terrain is improved, there is a tendency for the outer environment to improve also. It works back and forth.

The inner environment of the gut is conditioned by the wastes and metabolic byproducts excreted into the bowel. The healthier and cleaner that is, the healthier and more friendly like types of flora is likely to grow there. Flora must be implanted regularly in this rebuilding process.

The intestinal lining is an intelligent tissue. It is a barrier between the outside world and the inside world. As an intelligent barrier, the intestinal mucosa sorts out the bad and facilitates the absorption of the good.

The intestinal mucosa sorts out the vitamins and minerals we need to absorb. It is even a storage site for some of these things. When we are store of certain nutrients the mucosa will increase the absorption rate and when saturated will resist absorption.

Research has shown that all man made chemicals are toxic to the natural flora of the intestines. The intestines contain between five and fifteen pounds of bacteria.  Healthy bacteria create substances that are nourishing to the human body.

When in a dysfunctional state the intestinal mucosa can be either hyper or hypo active to things in general or particular things. A leaky gut or holes in the intestinal lining will allow things into the body which should not be there. (The polio virus, for example, is something which entered the body through the stomach and intestines.)

Since we are what we absorb and utilize, it is critical that this tissue function as best as possible if we want health. Intestinal complaints are indicators of mucosal problems helped by all natural colon cleanse.

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