Body Cleanse, greatly needed today....

Pre-Cleanse Two Day Colon CleanseTwo Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse 3 Day Detox

Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

Body Cleanse Enhances All Your Lines of Defense Against DiseaseBody Cleanse Enhances All Your Lines of Defense Against Disease

A body cleanse is used to relieve many of the health discomforts resulting when a body become a factory creating poisons or toxins and a warehouse to store toxic wastes. Toxic wastes are irritants that cause discomfort.

Bowel movements that are not passed quickly are usually contain a lot of toxic elements and contribute to a re-absorption of toxic wastes that support every disease and discomfort that can be named.

A lot of health problems can be corrected or eliminated by regular body cleansing.

Two Day Colon Cleanse, Two Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse

Most likely you are thinking about body cleansing either because of how you feel and want to feel better or you recognize the unhealthy social world we are living in today and would like to prevent the inevitable health decline that will likely occur to you if you do not take any preventive action.

There are  high levels of Toxins outside the body, resulting in high level of toxins absorbed  from food , air and water.  Also toxins. are created by the body as a by-product of metabolism.  The challenge today is getting out all these foreign and alien elements that do harm to the tissues of the body.

There are gastrointestinal tract discomforts and  mental discomforts associated with toxicity which body cleansing herbs are able to relieve.

Body Cleanse for Self Poisoning

There is constant self poisoning of your body going on called auto-intoxication. When you are young and healthy, the load that auto-intoxication puts on you may not be that noticeable. Yet it wears you down over time and is a serious health concern. It is very common, making daily cleansing critical.

Not fully  removing toxic materials of digestion and metabolism with a body cleanse contributes to chronic illnesses and illnesses that can be  life threatening.

When the body cannot remove the wastes that should be eliminated those wastes are stored as safely as possible for future house cleaning when the time is right.  Wastes can be the cause of illnesses which are an attempt by the body to eliminate these stored wastes.  Illness requires rest which gives added energy allowing the body to cleanse. 

Health is directly related to cleanliness of the body, meaning wastes are completely and thoroughly removed form the body and not stored. This contributes to friendly and healthful flora increasing internally and on the surface of the skin and all membranes becoming healthier, looking better and of course smelling better.

We see how public sanitation has eliminated epidemics from the Western world as a result of paying attention to disease causing organisms in the public sphere. Sanitation in the body is a part of general social health improvement.

Rather than experience illness, body cleansing can be done regularly, eliminating the need for illness.  Body cleansing does boost the immune system.

Merely removing toxins by a body cleanse created and absorbed over the past day or so can give relief and a feeling of wellness to a person.

Body cleanse frequently for the Toxicity That surrounds you and is in you.

Health predators could be labeled in many ways. What is happening socially that quality items that build health are replaced by substitutes of inferior quality at high prices making for extra profits for the predators. The culture is then remoulded to support this deviance from what contributes to good health. Habits that are health destroying are then reinforced by use of social and media manipulation. Profits from this are then funneled into the purchase of protection by creation and enforcement of laws that give the predators an edge over the person.

Its a cafeteria nation, a fast food nation, a toxic food nation  which is expanding in its all pervasiveness.  It does not let you alone.  The profit inherent in cheap food and drink finances  a great deal of  media propaganda used in the struggle with you over what you will put in your mouth.

 Its aggressive and its like Arnold the Predator, it will not stop. The financial success and well being of too many predators depend on it.  

Body Cleanse To Remove What You absorb That needs Detox

Poor food, poorly chewed, poorly mixed with necessary enzymes, low freshness, low fiber, maybe GMO factors, toxic pesticide residues, chemical contamination, additives that destroy tissues like fluoride are MSG, artificial colors, odors and flavor enhancements, industrial preservatives. Add stress and fear and you have a poisonous soup our gentle cells and tissues have to deal with every day.

 The end result of all this is disease, lots of disease, all sorts of varieties of disease, all sorts of names for the one basic cause effecting every cell of your body:  poison in the foods, lack of needed nutrients for repair, and difficulty in removing rapidly what needs to be removed rapidly for your body.

Start a Body Cleanse Today, Its a Good Day to do it.

The cycle of life or illness is one organ cleaning itself so the next organ down the line can better take care of itself and contribute to the good health of the next organ in line or the opposite. That is, one toxic organ passes its un-eliminated wastes onto the next organ in line. This is a model although not an exact model. The weakest parts of the body become the dumping grounds for stronger organs and organ systems. That's a principle of natural healing.

The old time natural healers including many native American shamans paid particular attention to opening the organs of elimination and purging stomach, bowels, kidneys and skin. Then deeper tissue cleansing and immune system building could be commenced. Stirring up stored wastes while un-eliminated wastes were present or the organs of elimination were sluggish would be dangerous and unpleasant.

Long term toxic bowel may contribute to colon cancer and many other serious bowel problems. Centers of toxicity in any of the organs organ contribute to chronic and degenerative diseases of all types.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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