Colon Cleanse Procedure

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Regarding colon cleanse procedure, remember if you have a known medical problem as regards the colon get the advice of your doctor and/or go slow with any bowel improvement therapeutics you are considering.  The body has a great ability to heal provided you don't push and you listen to your body for signals that you are going too fast.

 First select the best colon cleansing available based upon your knowledge and judgment (see page on Best Colon Cleanses).

 Colon Cleanse Procedure: Take  1 or 2 capsules with a large glass of water, preferably before bed time. Observe the results of taking 1 or two capsules in the morning. If this give a large movement in the morning taking 2 to 4 tables a day for the period of the cleanse is likely a good quantity for you.

 There is a great deal of difference between people in regard to how much herbal stimulation is needed for optimum stimulation.

(Some people have very weak peristaltic action, other people have a hyperactivity of the colon. Those who have a watery stool would not need bowel stimulation but rather something to calm and soothe the bowel and help to give more form to the stool.)

Colon Cleansing Procedure: If needed, increasing daily the quantity of tablets by 1-2 everyday until good free movement of wastes occurs is ideal.

Its a good idea to start on a weekend if your access to a toilet is limited.

Colon Cleansing procedure When there is Sluggishness

When a person has a sluggish bowel taking 3-4 tablets every 2-4 hours may be necessary to get the initial bowel movement.  Once the bowel flow is good normally you will be able to cut back the number of tablets taken provided constipating foods and possible stresses are eliminated.  A constipating lifestyle requires more colon cleansing herbs to get the desired effect.

 What is considered normal functioning of the bowel is a bowel movement three times a day, corresponding to three meals a day. Fewer meals, fewer movements. More meals, more movements. A sluggish bowel may accumulate many movements before usual elimination. Colon cleansing herbs are meant to correct this and work towards as many movements as there are meals.  This is an ideal.  Normal bowel transit time is a goal to be worked towards. 

 Some people  just need a nudge to massively eliminate what has been stored for a long time.  A hyperactive functioning of the colon resulting from initial intake of colon cleansing pills would normally only last a day or two. Within a day or two you should be able to judge how many colon cleansing pills you would need to take, so you can cope with your normal daily living.

Colon Cleanse Procedure, additional ideas............

The first goal of colon cleansing is to get full and free flow of bowel movements.

 Taking excess herbal cleansing products before the bowel is fully opened can stir up wastes which are not rapidly removes, giving possible flu like symptoms. Start slow.

 There is no need for heroic bowel cleansing as bowel function improvement is a long term process.

 You can assist the colon cleanse procedure by drinking an additional 2 quarts of pure water during the cleanse. For many people sluggish bowel is due to not drinking enough water.  More water helps to flush wastes from colon and through the kidneys.  Many people are very dehydrated so developing a water drinking habit is important.

 Bottled water in plastic bottles can be a problem as the plastic can leak estrogen like chemicals into the water.  These estrogens are weak estrogens but accumulate and are hard to remove from the body.  Estrogen contributes to fat storage.  By drinking from poor quality plastic bottles, a good water drinking habit can have negative effects.

 The colon cleanse procedure includes adding fiber to the diet. Fiber foods.  Processed foods are usually low in fiber.  Fiber is very helpful to the bowel as it helps to stretch and exercise the muscles and responses of the colon. It helps to stimulate peristalsis,  hold fluid so movements move along better, absorb toxins so they are not absorbed into the blood as easily, and slow the absorptions of sugars keeping blod sugar better balanced.

 You can add fibers which as found in flax and psyllium.  Apples, carrots, salads. and steamed vegetables eaten raw or blended into drinks or soups can add a lot to a colon cleanse.

 Juicing is good as long as the blend of juice is not high in carbohydrates as this can shock the blood sugar control system.  Blended vegetables and fruits through a food processor is easily absorbed without blood sugar spikes.

 Eliminating grains, especially wheat, processed foods, dairy products, sugar, and processed salt help to remove mucus causing factors.  Lean meats, vegetables, healthy fats and oils and some whole grains contribute to colon cleansing.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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