Detoxing your body

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Detoxing your body is a natural that involves the digestive, eliminative and immune processes. Support for the great health triad (stomach, liver, and colon) is always needed.

 What does the body do? It creates energy to maintain the life of the body.

 Hunger drives the body instinctually to seek nutrition, from which energy is extracted to maintain life.  Food must be broken down to extreme small size to be absorbed into the cells and worked upon by the cell structures.

 The mitochondria of the cells extract electrons in what is known as the krebs cycle.  Proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats are needed for this process of creation of ATP, the energy molecule of the body

 Lack of ATP means lack of energy and low metabolism.

Two Day Colon Cleanse, Two Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse

detoxing your body helps conserve vitally needed major minerals needed for metabolic processes

Detoxing Your Body Conserves Major Mineral ReservesDetoxing Your Body Conserves Major Mineral Reserves

The body handles high levels of toxins by buffering with the major minerals of the body.  This means the body will be chronically short of vitally needed raw materials for metabolic processes. By removing the toxins many things in the body will start improving.  Look over this chart concerning the major minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.  Major mineral balancing is the starting point in any health improvement process. 

Detoxing your body keeps your energy factories humming

The energy factory made up of billions of mitochondria needs to be constantly cleaned of byproducts that are not usable in the metabolic processes of the cells.

 Detoxification comes in to deal with the by-products of metabolism.  Toxins make cells sluggish and disrupt energy creation.

 Toxin creation is natural. Healthy organs eliminate wastes but have a limit to the amount that can be handled.  When there is system overload the body then stores away, as best it can, toxic wastes for future removal.  These wastes are not harmless though but cause long-term degeneration of the body.

 This is where detoxing your body comes in, to remove the overload and sluggishness.

By simplifying food intake and adding herbal products to support and stimulate organs, toxins are removed in greater quantity.

 Simplifying diet and adding herbal products to support the stomach, liver and colon need to be done regularly.  They are essential for health maintenance.

 The more dysfunctional the digestive and eliminative processes the more backlog of uneliminated wastes there is likely to be.  The more waste to be removed, the longer a focused attention must be made to detoxing your body.

Detoxification deals with harmful food elements

Not only does the body make toxins as a byproduct of metabolism,  there are elements in the food that must be eliminated because they are not digestible and actually toxic to the body. Ideally the body will eliminate these quickly and easily.  What has been food for humans for a long period of time generally is safe, however, there is a big difference in the ability of individuals in being able to process different foods.  Noticing your individual response to certain food can help you to live better.

Rotating foods can also help digestion. Instead of eating a food everyday, change to just once or a couple times during the week.  By rotating foods, many people find they can detoxify better.  If there is a food you eat often, if you avoid it for 30 days, then eat a good amount of it for a day or two, you can more easily determine the effect it has on you. Constant eating of a food may mask the real effect it has on you which could be bad.

Detoxing your body comes in to deal with unnatural elements

With industrialization thousands of toxic elements have been created in larger quantities which have become part of the environment. These are absorbed by food, water and air.

 The detoxification of these items is an added burden to the body that our ancestors did not have to deal with. Our strength and energy have been reduced as a result. 

 Our food quality is likely better in many ways today if we make good choices. Our access to nutritional supplements is much better so we can supplement to better health easily when we are educated.

 Most do not take enough helpful nutrients to counter the harmful effects of heavy metals, industrial chemicals, and pesticides.

 Now we have the added danger of GMOs which add small amounts of pesticides to most foods eaten in the USA.  Organic foods can be GMO.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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