Heavy Metal Detox

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Heavy Metal Detox is a method of removing heavy metals which the body has been excessively exposed to and has absorbed to a far higher level than is needed for health. Most of the elements of the periodic chart are needed at least at very low levels by the body.

Man has found that my concentrating and refining some of the elements found at low levels in rocks, that some very useful tools could be created.

These concentrated metals, however, when absorbed in high qualities by the body do can do serious harm to metabolic processes and tissues.

Heavy Metal Detox To Counter Extremely Harmful
Effects Of Common Heavy Metals

Reviewing the harmful effects of some of the main heavy metals should easily convince you that a person needs protection from the harm these heavy metals can do to you. Some of the more common include lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, manganese, nickel, tin, barium, strontium, arsenic. Any metal or chemical that becomes a part of industry and usage increases beyond what is normally found in the environment becomes a potential danger to life. This makes the role of heavy metal detox very important.

Take mercury for example, the phrase, “mad as a Hatter” refers to the fact that people who made hats in the 1700's and 1800's went mad due to the mercury they absorbed into their brains and nervous systems during the process of preparing skins and hides to be made into hats. Once absorbed in relatively low amounts a person so exposed would go insane and his life destroyed.

Heavy Metal Detox Needed Today For Dental Fillings

Today we are still exposed to mercury if not in so direct a manner and intense a manner as those who were destroyed by mercury as industrial workers.  For example,  Dr. Hal Huggins, D.D.S. of Colorado estimates more than 70% of all dental patients show some symptoms of mercury toxicity and that more than 20% of the general population is affected sufficiently to hinder their lives. In other words some people live ruined lives as a result of being poisoned by a common practice used by most dentists. This creates a great need for heavy metal detox.

When our bodies are acidic or when eating acid foods or acid is formed in the mouth by microbes, more mercury will be leached from the amalgam fillings. So if you have mercury fillings, its to be expected that you will have some level of poisoning.

More than one metal can be involved in dental poisoning. In fact, as a result of metals being placed in the mouth, different teeth can have different electrical potentials resulting in current flow in the mouth. Since all meridians of the body pass through the mouth, there is the potential for any body system to be negatively effected because of this current flow.

In addition to dental fillings, cosmetics, medicines, hemorrhoid suppositories, antiseptics, calomel, water based paint, soft contact lens solution, polluted water, broken thermometers and fungicides contain mercury.

Heavy Metal Effects Harmful, Liver Tries To Protect

Heavy metals interfere with fat metabolism, regeneration of cell membranes, cell reproduction, and overall brain metabolism. They also combine with pleomorphic organisms, forming new destructive micro- organisms. Heavy metals interfere with choline and dopamine uptake and short circuit brain tissue. What is likely to happen is brain shrink- age (lithium can increase brain mass).

The liver creates fats in order to store substances that are toxic to the body.  Heavy metals seem to be involved in brain failure. Metals such as cadmium, manganese, mercury, lead and possibly others.  Since the brain is largely made of fatty tissue it stands to reason it will be an area of storage for heavy metals when the liver is not able to bind and excrete them.  As is known in Alzheimer's disease, there is a big build up of aluminum in the brain. 

Heavy metals are extremely acid forming. As a result of moderate to high levels of metals in the body, blood fats are naturally created by the liver in an attempt to buffer acids associated with these metals and to buffer other poisons in the body. Protein, fat, water and alkaline salts all serve to buffer body tissues from excess acidity, heavy metals, and poisons of all sorts. Chelation helps remove heavy metals and minerals, which will help to breakdown plaque deposits.

supplements for Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metal detox uses chelation which is the binding of one item by another. As this relates to health, each person has a heavy load of foreign substances in the body, heavy metals being one of the most common and most dangerous. Unfortunately, the body has a limited ability to remove these. 

Chelating agents, which are safe to the human body in small doses, can be taken to speed the removal of heavy metals.

Normal healthy living with periodic body detoxification or cleansing will overtime remove most or all heavy metals. 

Heavy exposure to heavy metals and other toxicity requires that additional items be taken to replenish the resources needed for the detoxification process.

A step further than replenishment is oral or intravenous chelation.

Heavy metals can be chelated or bond with various items and excreted from the body. EDTA (injections or oral tablets) is well known for its chelating effects.

Sulfur based amino acids chelate heavy metals.

Garlic and MSM are well known as good sources of sulfur.

Some of the herbal agents useful in removing heavy metals include the following: Mountain Mahogany, Black Tea, Condurango Bark, Red Clover, Yellow Dock, Paprika, Chaparral, Spikenard, Pumpkin Seed, Okra, Rhubarb Root, Capsicum, Chorella, Living Clay, Peppermint, and Dulse.

Homeopathic remedies have been used for many years to counter the effects of environmental poisons and heavy metals. Homeopathics are informational mind-body remedies that educate the body and alert the immune system and help direct removal heavy metals through normal metabolic processes.

Magnetic Resonance Images of the arterial system of those who have taken high doses of ascorbates (mineral chelates of vitamin C) show very low to no plaque build up. Vitamin C itself makes arteries eight to ten percent more flexible, helping to prevent stroke and lower blood pressure.

Gluceronic acid from Kombucha tea binds toxins and helps them to be excreted from the body, aiding the liver and kidneys. Chorella, cilantro, and diatoms (diatomaeus earth) bind with heavy metals to aid in elimination of heavy metals.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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