Natural Detox

Pre-Cleanse Two Day Colon CleanseTwo Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse 3 Day Detox

Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

Natural detox is a protocol for healing.  Because of basic principles of healing, its unavoidable that respect must be paid to the dominating organs of core or gut: stomach, liver and colon.  These three dominate digestion, absorption and elimination. Disrespect for the functioning of these three has given humanity a lot of health woe throughout history. 

 The end result of detox protocol is contentment because the core is working once again working well and producing what the body needs for health.

 The colon works better when full of water filled fiber coming from organic vegetables and fruits, with no grain products or infrequent grain products and sugars.

 A colon full of the right stuff gives contentment to the body as the right stuff is food for a variety of symbiotic organisms that supply vitamins and other energy giving nutrients to all the cells of the body. This gut flora resists the growth of unfriendly microbes and the toxic by-products of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Two Day Colon Cleanse, Two Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse

In Natural Detox Colon is King and Starting Point

Mastering troubles with the colon is a great thing as leaky gut is so damaging and so common.  All man made chemicals and substances are known to kill friendly bacteria and irritate mucus membranes.  Natural cleansing helps reverse this.

 The colon is like the drain plug for the complete digestive system. Unplug the drain and processes higher up begin to work better.

 After the cleansing of the organs and a healthy flora is beginning to grow, think about a pathogen purge to get remove the leftovers that reside deep in the tissues.  Getting rid of all foci of toxicity, inflammation and infection makes it hard for a relapse to occur.

Natural Detox, Works Towards Regenerated Tissues and New Health.

Natural Detox Level One

Level one in natural detox is about cleansing physical debris. This is one of the reasons people often do not complete because it becomes uncomfortable when other areas start to change. Some however like this and the change in the emotional and spiritual basis of the body.

 When the intention in cleansing is purely physical the results can be rapid.


 1. healthy dietary changes

(water, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, no starchy or gluten containing vegetables or grains, green salads, broths, vegetable juices, no processed foods or addictive)

2. two-two day weekend cleanses or more followed by

3. at least two ten day parasite cleanses

4. daily kidney builder/cleanser throughout

5. daily colon cleanser as needed throughout each week.

6. implanting new bowel flora at end of parasite cleanses.

 Opening all the organs of elimination and recharging nutrients needed for detoxification are important goals for body cleansing. A healing crisis being the ultimately sought for goal.

Natural Cleanse Level Two: Deep Tissue Elimination

This is a level few even approach today.  Its like becoming a gold metalist of cleansing.

 Working towards a healing Crisis is the goal. The times have changed when people owned more of the basic necessities of life and could take the necessary time to recover from an illness. Modern life is more like if a person can sit up or stand even feebly, they can work and must work in order to survive.

 Healing crisis is when there has been a recovery from a health problem and a person wants to go deeper. When health has been built at a deep level, and the body in its wisdom realizes it can make a war upon the toxic materials not a part of the body (and recognized as such by body intelligence) and the body decides to purge this toxic waste from almost every orifice.

 Throwing off the toxicity like a snake throws off its skin or like some religions talk of resurrection or being born again. Its a metaphor for what the old time healers sought when helping others to body cleanse, to build health to the point where a change in tissue was inevitable, and the result was a deep healing with massive elimination as the result.

 The old time healers known about this. The old time healers prepared their clients and bring them to this point of natural detox and renewal.

 This is the ultimate in body detox.  But the body must be prepared for this.

 There is a Heroic nature in some with the desire to throw off all chains that bind.  Illness is one of those chains. Some desire to throw off death, be reborn to a new level of health,  being reborn as an individual with own mind and goals.  This is not desired by a growing empire or imperialism to have people of exceptional health of body and mind. 

 Proceed with caution.   Study the old time healers and their works.

 Sadly the main processes of the body in most people have been suppressed to the point where change  is very slow and difficult. Locked into a way of life and the living not satisfying.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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