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Pre-cleanse is so important. When people begin the cleansing process too often they forget the important preparation step. Cleansing is so much easier when the body is prepared for the cleansing process.  The more toxic the body, the more important a pre-cleanse becomes.

Toxic load varies from person to person. Generally though the more health problems a person has and the older a person is will correlate with amount of toxicity the person has.

 Opening the organs of elimination is an important process.  A one day pre-cleanse is a minimum and can be considered one day of a three or more day cleanse. Several days of this makes the balance of a cleanse easier and more effective.

Pre-Cleanse Two Day Colon CleanseTwo Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse 3 Day Detox

Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

Pre-Cleanse Ingredients:

Pre-cleanse Formula: psyllium husk powder, flax seed, black walnut hulls, cape aloe, cascara sagrada, senna leaves, fenugreek seed, garlic bulb extract, red clover, goldenseal root, sage leaves

psyllium husk powder

Psyllium is a natural bulk laxative, promoting the restoration of healthy bowel functioning and flora also loose stool issues.

When cleansing the intestines, toxins adhering to intestinal walls are absorbed rather than reabsorbed adding cleansing cycle. Increases water content in the large intestine increases bulk of stool making passage easier.

 The soothing, healing effect produced by the mucilage-rich husks and seeds relieves gastrointestinal inflammation like acid indigestion, stomach, duodenal ulcers, for treating Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, IBS.

  flax seed

Contains a lot of micronutrients including omega-3 fatty acids needed for cell rebuilding and reducing inflammation. Also used as a laxative because of high fiber content.

black walnut hulls

Black walnut hulls are used as a laxative and for eliminating parasites in the intestine. It contains certain inhibiting enzymes, blocking the metabolic energy needed by pinworm, ringworm, tapeworm, malaria larvae, intestinal parasites. Black Walnut is anti-microbial: bacteria, viruses, anti-fungal.  Helps therefore  indigestion, colic relief, heartburn, and flatulence. Improves bile flow, spleen pain, heart, bone building, and skin troubles.

cape aloe

Strong laxative effects, arthritis, IBS, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, immune defenses and anti-tumor activities, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties.

cascara sagrada

Cascara sagrada increases tone of the smooth muscle of the large intestine and promotes peristalsis. Cascara is helpful when a soft stool is needed.

A laxative effect yet non-habit-forming and mild as taken in moderate amounts. Cascara helps restore healthy bowel form and tone when taken with modifying herbs.

Cascara has been shown to stimulate bile production, being good for digestive and liver problems, especially enlarged liver. Reduces gas in stomach and intestines. It has been used successfully in colitis, diverticulosis, gallstones, intestinal parasites, jaundice, skin diseases, sluggish gallbladder function.

senna leaves

Senna (Cassia senna) is a stimulant laxative, relieves constipation, cleanses bowel, helps expel parasites intestinal parasites, increases peristaltic activity, softens stools, helps hemorrhoids/ anal fissures.

fenugreek seed

balances moderates laxative effects of other herbs and calms during detoxification process, calms sympathetic nervous system to treat arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, improve digestion, balanced metabolism, wounds, skin inflammation, eczema, rashes, abscesses, burns, and boils, gout, treat sore throat, and cure acid reflux.

garlic bulb extract

Garlic is considered good for the following: infections and intestinal problems, chest pains, epilepsy, leprosy, toothaches and wounds, expel tapeworms, kidneys and water retention, soothe chronic coughs, asthma, atherosclerosis, cancer, colds, coronary heart disease, coughs, diabetes, ear infections, flu, hemorrhoids, hypertension, inflammatory skin problems, intestinal parasites, tumors and urinary infections.

Garlic has been shown helpful in many, circulatory, digestive, respiratory and urinary disorders. Garlic improves immune function, fights infection, and chest congestion. Garlic has a cleansing effect in the kidneys which to increase urine flow, increases bile production, improving digestion. 

red clover

Used as powerful blood purifier for healing any type of inflammatory skin/membrane condition, lump or tumor.

As a cleansing agent it is used as a diuretic and expectorant, stimulating urine flow and the production of mucus to soothe inflamed and irritated tissues.

Reduces abdominal cramping, constipation, helps create bile , digestive fluids and enzymes, enhancing toxins removal. Reduces pain and inflammation of arthritis, gout, jaundice, and liver congestion.

Many use red clover for cancers of the breast, lymphatic system, and ovaries.

goldenseal root

Is a bitter tonic adding all digestive organ/membrane secretions, anti-catarrhal,  anti-inflammatory,antiseptic, astringent, bitter tonic, laxative, anti-diabetic and muscular stimulant. The astringent effect on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, the bladder, and the skin help in the detoxification process. Its extreme bitterness, which stimulates the appetite and aids digestion, and often stimulates bile secretion.

sage leaves

strongly anti-microbial and anti-putrifactive used in meat preparation and preservation

Used for asthma, sinus discharges from of infections, gastrointestinal tract, and skin. Extracts of sage  can Improve memory, attention/executive function, alertness and mood  and cognitive performance enhancement. Has similar effect to caffeine as found in tea and coffee.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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