What is a colon Cleanse?

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What is a colon cleanse? It is a method of removing stagnant and poisonous materials that have accumulated in the lower end of the digestive tract.

 Slowed elimination contributes to harmful and toxic waste formation.

 There is a normal transit time of  digestive wastes to be eliminated. 

Toxic wastes in the colon are irritants that in a healthy bowel would stimulate a more rapid elimination.

An inherently weak bowel or a lifetime of self-imposed bowel abuse weakens basic bowel strength causing toxic bowel wastes to be retained for long periods of time.

A weakened bowel may move only every few days or weeks.

That's hazardous.

Causes of Sluggish colon requiring a colon cleanse

There are various causes of a sluggish bowel and slow transit time:

 1. stress that interrupts peristalsis

2. poor chewing of food so that digestive enzymes are not mixed with food

3. poor quality of food so that enzymes and acids don't break down food eaten and so this food or chyme is not moved on to the next phase of digestion rapidly.

4. insufficient water consumption

4. food that lacks fiber content

5. high carbohydrate foods that feed yeasts which form gases that become blocked as a spastic reaction of  gut organs.

6. parasites

7. Low bile flow from the liver reducing needed lubrication of bowel lining.

8. Low acid in the stomach so valve opening into the small intestines is slowed.

9. Pancreatic enzymes not excreted into the chyme coming out f the stomach in large enough quantity.

10. Lack of  constitutional strength of the gut generally.

11. Lack of exercise and tone which stimulates contractions in gut

12. Lack of peristalsis in large intestines

13. bowel pockets and hemorrhoids.

14. Spastic areas, strictures, impactions, nervous tension that prevents final elimination.

Sluggish ColonCauses of Sluggush Colon

What is a colon cleanse? Herbal products that enhance bowel functioning........

Commonly various herbs or herbal combinations are used as a part of this therapeutic process.

 Some herbs simply relax the bowel so a watery large volume elimination occurs.  Some herbs help to create peristalsis which my help restore the bodies ability to move wastes through the colon.  Others herbs help stimulate acid and enzyme creation so wastes are more completely digested and easier to move along. Some herbs help the secretion of bile to digest and lubricate and flush wastes along. 

 Bowel pockets are herniations on the bowel containing very old fecal matter that sit and decay in the pocket. Bowel pockets or diverticulii  are a drain in the health reserves of your body. They are the equal of an abscessing tooth without the local or noticeable pain associated.

 Some herbs help to relax the bowel pockets and help to draw out contents.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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