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Best colon cleanse: At one time normal living and food assured good elimination. Now it takes work to assure what is normal and healthful is achieved in normal daily life. A daily colon cleansing procedure of some sort is very much needed.

 As with most things in life, a person wants to know what is best for them. Health supplements are new to most people, so a little bit of basic information can help a person to feel they are making a good choice maybe even the best choice.

 Products are different. People are different.  No one product is going to work exactly the same for everyone.  Learn a little about basic ingredient, match these with you knowledge of yourself, make a decision, then jump in. Don't worry to much as much can only be learned from experience.

The best cleanse helps to avoid clinically significant disorders and heal from whatever level of disorder a person has earned.

Best colon cleanse: categorize as good, better, best.

The good: When the bowel is sluggish, any thing to more rapidly remove bowel waste is good. Some are just better because they are more balanced and complete in their functioning.

 Good colon cleanses may contain a single ingredient or several ingredients such as cascara sagrada, senna, cape aloe or magnesium in its many forms or even vitamin C. 

 Cascara sagrada meaning "sacred bark" increases peristalsis so the bowel begins to contract pushing fecal material down and thought he colon. Its also very good for the liver and spleen.

 Taken in large quantities cascara sagrada can cause cramping and spasm. It does seem to strengthen the colon's ability to contract whereas other cathartic herbs seem just to give a more immediate relief. Cascara sagrada is good for some bowels, overly strong when used alone for others.  A sluggish bowel needs help in contracting, a hyperactive bowel needs more gentle and soothing herbs.

 Senna relaxes the bowel and brings more fluid into the bowel so you have a large watery elimination.  Senna is popular but unless balanced with other herbs it is seen as causing long term weakening of the bowel function.  Once you start taking senna as a stand alone herb for cleansing, you likely will need to continue taking it.

 Magnesium as a mineral is involved in maybe 400 chemical processes vital to health. It has solvent like qualities in that it helps to breakdown calcium deposits in places where calcium has deposited in excess quantities. Magnesium has many beneficial properties by itself, but when taken in large quantities is laxative.

 Magnesium as a mineral salt accumulates extra water in the gut and helps then to flush the intestines.

colon cleanse: the better and the best

A Better colon cleanse could include nutrients that bind toxics in the bowel, help with neutralizing poisons and wastes, soothing the bowl lining, and stimulating growth of friendly bacteria.

 One or all of those nutrients in the good colon cleanse formula as well as any of the following:  psyllium fiber, acidophilus, apple pectin, bentonite, citrus pectin, slippery elm, ginger, papaya or peppermint, marshmallow. The ingredients as a category sooth and nurture the colon, stimulate friendly bacteria growth and provide fibers to gently stretch the colon and provide substance for the bowel to push against in moving wastes though the body.

 The Best colon cleanse would contain a broad array from the good and better colon ingredients and both calm the bowel. A broader range of ingredients help to balance and improve peristalsis, and detoxify a little deeper yet.  The best colon cleanse may also have some ingredients that help to lift overall body energy and stamina a little bit.

These ingredients could be added to the list of desirable addition to best colon cleanse formulas:  buchu, milk thistle, cats claw, chlorophyll, barberry,burdock, olive leaf, barberry, buckthorn, celery, fennel, cayenne, ashwaganda,  sheep sorrel, cap aloe.

Cape aloe is a strong cathartic herb so might be added to an extra strength formula.

 The best formulas will make for long term improvement in the bowel by repeated use. As the bowel improves, less and less of the supplement is needed.

 The poorer quality products may require a person to take more and more of the colon cleanse pills overtime. 

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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