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Best Liver Cleanse Considers Stomach and Colon AlsoBest Liver Cleanse Considers Stomach and Colon Also

The best liver cleanse addresses the fact that the liver is part of a system of digestion and detoxification. Other organs contribute to the healthy functioning of the liver. Reducing the burden placed on the liver allows it to rest and regenerate. A better functioning stomach as well as intestines means less putrefactive material is created, so less work needs to be done by the liver.

 Helping the stomach to digest well is important. Helping the colon to eliminate well is also important.  Foods that digest easily help. Chewing better helps. Adding digestive enzymes and stomach acid helps. Taking pre-biotics and pro-biotics helps to shift the balance of friendly versus unfriendly bacteria that is housed in the gut to the healthy side. Improving peristalsis to move wastes through the gut helps also.

Best Liver Cleanse supports basic liver functions

The liver is located in the right side of the upper abdomen, under the diaphragm.  The liver is the largest internal organ in the body, weighing about 3-4 pounds.  The liver is composed of groups of cells called lobules (50,000 to 100,000 of them), each lobule is itself made up of numerous liver cells, called hepatocytes.  Each lobule has a central vein that drains blood into the hepatic veins, which eventually carry it to the heart. 

The liver performs 1000s of functions, all essential to life.  The liver processes potential poisons for removal from the body, including alcohol and drugs.  It also breaks down old red blood cells and reprocesses body substances, extracting iron from hemoglobin, and reusing amino acids.

The liver stores carbohydrates as glycogen, which can be quickly converted into glucose (for energy) if needed by the brain, muscles, or other organs.  It also stores certain nutrients like vitamins (A, B-complex, B12, D, E and K), releasing them into the blood when the body needs them.  These reserves can last several months.  The proteins albumin globulin and fibrinogen --all the components of blood plasma-- are also manufactured in the liver.

Best Liver cleanse helps the liver with bile creation and elimination

The liver produces bile, which breaks down, or emulsifies, fats.  Bile consists of bile salts and pigments, cholesterol and water. When we eat foods that contain fat, bile is passed into the small intestines to aid digestion. The bile disperses fat globules so the pancreatic enzyme, lipase, can break down the fat molecules into essential fatty acids, which pass through the intestinal walls.

Bile drains from the liver lobules into the branches of the bile ducts that lead to the gallbladder, where it is stored. Bile flow is a measure of liver function.  A dark brown color of feces indicates food bile flow.

When bile becomes too concentrated, due to excess cholesterol or bacterial irritants, it begins to precipitate out and form stones. The size may range from small gravel to the diameter of a small plum. These may block the flow of bile. A number of symptoms may occur, such as: biliousness, headaches, indigestion, gas, abdominal discomfort, belching, bloating, dizziness, nausea, fat intolerance, bad breath, or jaundice.

Bile is recycled by the liver.  Bile can be toxic meaning instead of being absorbed, it really should be eliminated.  Recycling of bile of course means the liver can work less in bile creation and work more on other processes.  Overly moist stool means the body is under a burden or energy drain from some cause.

A liver cleanse is basically a gallbladder cleanse as the liver cleanses itself by excretion of the bile. An enduring sharp pain, or two or more attacks of severe but intermittent abdominal pain may be caused by stones blocking the bile duct. A gall bladder cleanse would be called for.

The Best Liver Cleanse Can Be Slow or Fast

The best is slow in my view and should be done after improvements have been made to the digestive and eliminative processes.  The liver cleanse is a capstone to other total body cleansing processes.  The total work has already eliminates half or more of the work that otherwise would need to be done on the liver.   The best liver cleanse is a combination of a natural approach to liver cleansing and building and unique blends of herbal remedies given to use by herbalism which is the source also of almost all medicines used today.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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