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The best body detox diet is varied. As an observer of the various health building schools of thought and the founder/advocates, founder/advocates come to focus on certain principles of therapeutics, apply them and seem to live about the same length into a long life span. 

What is unknown is how long and healthy they would have lived if they had not instituted health building methods into their lifestyles.

 The common element of the different diet systems is the elimination of devitalized foods and chemicals.

 When a person feels the need to detoxify, implementing good health habits are important. Taking a survey of personal habits and the overall environment in which he/she lives is important.  

 There are a lot of health risks and challenges environmentally unknown to a person. This risks become known only when focusing on improving health.  Increased awareness reveals the risks.                         Two Day Colon Cleanse, Two Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse

Body Detox Diet Basics

Changing the diet to a low starch vegetable and low sugar fruit diet with emphasis on green leafy vegetable is a good start. Filling the gut with foods that have high nutrient value is very good.  These prevent putrefaction in the gut and because of fiber content tend to pull toxins into the waste products which are eliminated rapidly because of the exercise/stimulation this fiber provides to the colon wall.

 The body still needs a lot of protein and high quality fats for detoxification and body rebuilding.  Denying the body needed protein and fat will not help you rebuild your body. Vegan and vegetarian may be good short-term, but long-term create deficiencies that cause other problems.

 What our ancestors used to build their bodies and the health of the children can be understand as what we need today and as described in the paleo-diet.

Body Detox Diet Requires Flooding With Vital Nutrients

With good diet, more rest and stress removed, the body begins to heal. It takes a lot of quality nutrition AND ADDED SUPPLEMENTATION to build and repair any area of the body. Much more is needed than it takes to maintain the body. A body detox diet achieves results through both cleansing and building.

 Most conditions take at least three months of steady hard work to see any significant improvement.

Some estimate that it takes five to seven times as much nutrition to rebuild the body as it takes to maintain it.

The paleo diet is based  upon the foods hunter gathers would have eaten over hundreds of thousands of years making it a diet to which the human body is most adapted.  From the record in the bones, chronic and degenerative disease began when agriculture was introduced. More food was produced so more people could live, yet as far as food contribution to health, life was shortened and more chronic diseases were born.

Detoxification Requires Opening All Organs of Elimination

We live in a time of immunity broken down. We have much infection in our bodies due to poisons we have taken in through food or absorbed through the skin or lungs. Infection of five kinds: staph,  strep, fungi/mold, virus, and parasites are very common.  Effective digestion and elimination help in building immunity.

 Body detox diet naturally results in a lot of wastes that will be stirred up and eliminated.  When organs of elimination are sluggish, the waste removal can be unpleasant. Wastes that are removed slowly give flu like symptoms. 

The great health triad for health building is colon, liver and stomach. The stomach feeds into the gut ending in waste out through the colon.  The liver processes what is absorbed from the gut, processes and then releases toxic materials that are then eliminated through bowel wastes, kidney, skin and lungs.

 Using specialized herbal blends to support the colon, liver and stomach make the chemical processing easier and more effective.

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foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,                                          Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet