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degeneration of intestinesDegeneration of Intestines Occurs Over Time, Body Detox Starts The Reversal Process

Body Detox is a natural or therapeutic way of improving health.   We are all aware or at least concerned with the toxicity of the world we live in.  The body is self cleansing, however, the burden of uneliminated toxins can be reduced by following certain procedures and taking certain supplements.

 Although modern times have modern challenges of thousands of new chemicals created for industrial processes resulting in billions of pounds of poisons being released into the air, ground and water in the historical past other health challenges have been faced by mankind.

 Remedies were sought in the past by the medical class of the day.  The result were good as applied with some exceptions and the learning has continued.

 Amazingly the natural healers of the North American Indians and the European settlers were very similar. They used certain therapeutics and the herbal remedies available to them in the wild.

 Effective herbal formulas were created in the past and still useful today to detox your body.

Two Day Colon Cleanse, Two Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse

Body Detox: Open Major Organs of Detoxification


The major organs of elimination are :

1) colon,

2) lungs,

3) skin,

4) kidneys,

5) liver,

6) lympathic system.

There are lesser organs that can eliminate through any orifice, but the amount of elimination is usually small. 

 The major organs of elimination back each other up. If one organ is blocked, more elimination may take place through another organ. An example of this is that when a person is constipated, the skin may break out or increase perspiration to eliminate poisons which have their origin in the colon. The method an organ may use to eliminate a poison could depend on what needs to be eliminated.

 Dr. Bernard Jensen, a legend in the natural healing field, indicated that each of the major organs of elimination could remove five pounds of waste products per day if properly stimulated and in good health.  When these organs are not properly eliminating, wastes are stored for future elimination when the body earns its health. 

 The colon eliminates far more than five pound in a day during a healing crisis. So when attempting to eliminate a lot of toxic material, it is important that the colon first be unplugged or a person may feel a bit of distress when cleansing.  If you want to make the cleansing experience as pleasant as possible be sure to get the colon working well before you begin.

Body Detox Works Well As A Periodic Practice

Body Detox works best when done periodically (two day, three day, seven day followed by a short rest) based upon the wisdom of the body which follows the principle of balance and harmony, the liver being the great harmonizing organism.  As toxins are removed new balance points are created.

 Homeostasis or the law of balance (adaptation mechanisms), is followed by the body in its detoxification role.  Homeostasis is the body’s great adaptation and balancing principle.  It allows the body to maintain itself and adapt to a unique environment.  It is a self-protection mechanism.

 Set points of resistance are made by the body as defensive walls against too much rapid change. Body Detox  must work with these points. Too much cleansing at one time is not healthy.

 In other words there is a built in bodily mechanism to maintain a balance point best for the overall survival of the organism given all inner and exterior factors.  How this applies to herbal medicine is that when a medication is taken, the best results occur within 5-10 days, after which body detox cleansing has less and less effect upon the body.

 If we compare Body Detox to fire, fire can used to heat or house or burn it down. Accumulated toxins, safely stored, based upon the widom of the body, are released slowly, then the body regroups and reorganizes. 

 Poor health is earned in a cause and effect basis.  Good health once must be earned again DAILY. 

Supporting Elimination With Herbal Products Makes Body Detox Effective and Easier

When food is withheld as in fasting or when higher quality foods are eaten, storage places of poison open to prepare for the body to eliminate these wastes. If the organs are not able to excrete all the wastes stirred up, the blood will retain the wastes and recirculated them.

A detox reaction is called a cleansing crisis which may cause flu like symptoms, aching, swelling, inflammation, and fever.  If these flu like symptoms occur, this shows us that the body cannot eliminate as much waste as is stirred up, so cutting back on the cleansing could make the experience better. Cleansing reactions are accompanied by an increase in elimination.

 Improving colon health is the number one object in body detox. Liver cleansing is part of this colon cleansing process made easier when the best herbal products are chosen to assist this process.

Working on all the other organs of elimination help the unpleasant side affects of the detox cleansing process be more pleasant.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,                                          Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet