Candida Cleanse

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Candida CleanseCandida Cleanse

Candida cleanse is needed because there is a “worrisome change in the pattern of candidemia (candida overgrowth and infection) and resistance to anti-fungal agents. Candida species other than candida albicans are steadily increasing as the main source of candidemia in the USA.”  -American Journal of Medicine in 1997 by Dr. Victor Yu

 Clinicians encounter increasing episodes of candidemia due to non C-albicans species with the risk of increasing fungal resistance.  The main medical anti-fungals (fluconazole and amphotericin) are having less and less success with candidemia.

 Fortunately we have natural healing remedies and herbal products free of harmful side effects that can be used as part of natural candida cleanse methods.

The terms candidemia, candida, yeast and mold are interchangeable.

 Yeast is a on the skin and mucous membranes.  In small numbers it is harmless, in some cases beneficial.  When the numbers grow and become out of control it is very dangerous.  The human immune system, when healthy and not overwhelmed by the dozens of major health challenges we have today, keep yeast in check.

Cleanse Candida Because It Will Expand Rapidly
When Immunity Is Low

Candida Cleansing HerbsTraditional Healing Herbs and Spices

If left unchecked, yeast in 24 hours will grow to a  mass 10 feet tall covering the entire globe. Yeast is opportunistic and will overwhelm an unhealthy body very rapidly.

 A yeast cell produces over 75 known toxic substances that can poison the body.  It is the great clogger, which can partially shut down any body part.  It can contaminate tissues, weakening the immune system, kidneys, bladder, liver, brain and especially the nervous system.  Many cases of extreme stress and depression are directly  linked to yeast contamination. Mental fogginess goes along with this.

At least 75% of all woman have had a vaginal yeast infection caused primarily by Candida Albicans.   There are many other forms of yeast that are becoming epidemic in the modern world. They can be transmitted in many ways, especially sexually.  If one partner of a relationship has yeast, both partners have yeast. It can be passed by a hand shake, touch or money (check out the smell of your money). Candida cleanse would bring down this high percentage.

Candida Cleanse, Defense Against Broken Immunity

Candida Petri DishDon't Be Just A Tissue Donor For Candida

A first defense against candida is clean the gut vigorously and make the bacteria that live their your friends and allies through candida cleanse, against such harmful yeasts. 

 A sound alimentary tract lining is a major key to health.  At birth a mother begins making colostrum which implants in the baby’s colon.  The first dose of antibiotics given to a baby starts to kill the natural flora. When cows’ milk is added to the baby’s diet, as well as other indigestible substances, the digestive organs become taxed. The digestive system  eventually is weakened to the point that unnatural bacteria enter and implant in the intestines.  When the bowel is healthy, IgA’s (immune factors) are capable of destroying nearly every known pathogenic microorganism. The lining is further degraded due to being fed a high carbohydrate diet that nourishes the unnatural and unfriendly bacteria. Chemicals from foods, air pollution, or allergies also degrade the flora and mucus lining.

 Leaky bowel syndrome is one of the most serious causes of disease today. It is well known that aspirin causes the stomach and intestines to bleed with each use.   Interestingly, chemicals attach themselves to cell membranes (too much toxicity ruptures the cells) which in effect cleanses the blood and lymph supply but at the same time the cells are swept up by immune cells and become part of the mucus that is excreted from the body. The purpose of the mucus lining is to engulf bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, and partially digested food and to pass them out of the body.  Cell membranes scavenge toxicity also.  Toxins attach to the cell membranes.  The healthier your cell membranes are, the more toxicity they can help you eliminate from the body.

Candida Cleanse, Must Remove and Detoxify Growth Factors

Many of the common toxins in the environment are pseudo estrogens that stimulate growth of candida. All petrochemical products have estrogen like effects that stimulate candida.  They are universal.  When you have an over growth of yeast you must break these down and eliminate them on top of the pseudo-estrogens you have absorbed from the environment.  The liver is the key to detoxifying these harmful chemicals.   A sluggish liver means the growth factors of candida have more time in the body to stimulate growth.

Cleanse Candida To Purify The Body So Immune System Can Build

To boost immunity in the fight against candida means enhancing digestion, detoxification and elimination.

You need to supplement with digestive enzymes when eating because this makes for better and complete digestion. Then you must detoxify the liver. And finally use the best colon cleansers to clean house so the immune system can stand on its own against candida overgrowth.

 The byproducts of yeast overgrowth include acetaldehyde.It is harmful in itself as well as breaks down into harmful substances such as oxalic acid, lactic acid, uric acid and alcohol.  The less oxygen there is in the body, the more alcohol is produced which gives the symptoms of being disoriented, dizzy or mentally confused.  Uric acid excess creates gout and rheumatic conditions. Oxalic acid creates kidney stones and deposits in other tissues.  Lactic acid creates muscle stiffness associated with excess physical exercise or fibromyalgia.  Lactic acid production is also an indicator that normal repair mechanisms of the cells are not occurring. The break down of sugars into lactic acid indicate that DNA repair materials are low.  This leads to accelerated tissue aging.  This is why some people look old before their time.

 Acetaldehyde and other mycotoxins reduce the absorption of protein and minerals, which decrease the ability of the body to produce enzymes and hormones.  This reduction interferes with cell replacement and energy production which leaves you fatigued and chronically short of blood sugar and oxygen.

99% of all human beings suffer from yeast, fungus and mold and their associated mycotoxins.

Support candida cleanse with good diet

Carbohydrates feed yeast.  Proteins and fats do not. Fruit, although often alkalizing to the body and therefore healthful, if eaten with a meal becomes food for yeast.  Vital Living foods resist being digested by yeast do to the phytochemicals they contain. Fresh foods resist fermentation. Stall foods invite digestion by yeast.

The paleo-diet is low carbohydrate, high protein and fat which helps to build all systems in the battle against candida.

Candida Cleanse Goals Help To Make your gut friendly

Bad bacteria live off the bad wastes in the gut and what is being created by metabolism. As the byproducts sweeten, the quality of the flora improves. The smell of the body even improves through this process.

 Healthy natural flora needed in the intestines creates certain substances which build basic good health.

 Good lactic acid, made by lacto-bacillus in the intestines, helps to maintain body processes: pH balance, muscle energy and tone, lactic acid food for flora of the skin and intestines (all mucus membranes), lowered blood pressure and heart muscle, adrenal glands, thyroid, skin diseases and improved detoxification through the skin, allergies and allergy related inflammatory diseases. 

 Its amazing what a good intestinal flora can do for a person, even improving skin. Good lactic acid improves immunity by improving enzyme activity and improved formation of lymphocytes and plasma cells. Good lactic acid helps in the production of glycogen needed for

Sugar addiction and carbohydrate addiction feeds the yeast making body fluids like a controlled brewery. Overgrowth of candida often gives a person the smell of a bread factory where rising bread loaf is working.

 Don't smell like a bread factory, conquer candida.  Its mainly willpower in maintaining a healthy lifestyle so long as you have not been too broken down. A broken body will heal when the necessary work is done.

Candida cleanse to counter many damaging and dangerous symptoms.

Additional symptoms ,reduced by candida cleanse,include food cravings (for sweets, alcohol, soft drinks, chocolate, breads, pasta, etc.), excessive allergies, diaper rash, vaginal infections, depression, food sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, exhaustion, memory loss, obesity or excessive weight gain with water retention, PMS, earaches, numbness, sinus drainage, immune weakness, poor digestion, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps, heartburn, nausea, gastritis, colitis, mood swings, irritability, headaches, dizziness, depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, infertility, impotence, rectal itch, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, catch flu and colds easily, mucous congestion, hayfever, sore-throats, constant coughing, athletes foot, hives, psoriasis, hyperactivity, tonsillitis, colic, cold extremities, white coating on tongue, lung abscesses, liver congestion, muscle pain and fibromyalgia, arthritis, fever at night, chills in daytime (these last few are due to mycosis, a chronic systemic fungal infection from organisms that normally live in soil, decaying vegetation and food.  Infection is acquired by inhalation or through the skin.  Primary focus of mycosis is the lungs).

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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