Colon Irrigation

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Washing the colon with water, colon irrigation, for sanitation purposes has been done for thousands of years as a therapeutic practice.  When medical care was not so abundant as today, most houses had an enema bag in the bathroom for use during illness of any sort.

 From the enema bag there is the upgrade to a five gallon bucket with hose attachment.  Then there is a deluxe version with a padded board (Colema board) that fits nicely over the toilet bowl. These are all about low pressure, low flow introduction of much clean water into the colon, up to a quart at a time, that is then expelled when the colon wall expands and stretches to its limit and then contracts. This is done repeatedly until the five gallons has been worked through the colon.

 Then there is colonic therapy with specialized semi-sanitized stainless steel equipment which, under pressure pushes large amounts of water into the colon. There are amazing stories of what is washed out in this process. 

 Long term use of the Colema board some claim increase the tone of the colon. Possibly, however the time required to achieve this is great. There is a lot of work to make this a sanitary process but possible.

Colon Irrigation, Once Started Complete The Course

Be sure to do a complete course of colon irrigation if you begin this is as it stirs up so much waste and is not well expelled in many people. There is a need to focus on flora rebuilding as there is a mixing of all flora content of bowel.  The washing replants from one section to another to pockets where varieties have never been before. Likely there are various colon zones of flora content. Many different environments.

 Since there is a reflex aspect of the bowel wall with correspondence between all organs/tissues of the body, cleaning out bowel pockets and points of leaking it is thought contributes to the health of those organs specifically being effected by toxicity at the reflex point. 

Why Colon Irrigation When There Are Herbal Colon Building Products

Why do colonic irrigation when colon cleanse herbal blends can move and detoxify the bowels from far above the point where water injections can reach.  When there is scaring and constrictions, water cannot reach areas that the herbal colon blends can.  Herbals also do not move intestinal flora from place to place causing potential yeast and parasite blooms as a result of change especially when a complete course of colon irrigation are not completed. 

 Colon cleansing and building of the bowel is a little more natural and holds out a greater hope of building up bowel tone so that long term there is less dependency on artificial methods like colon irrigation.

Before Colon Irrigation Assess Colon With Simple Observation

Checking out the quality of your bowel movements both before and after you make any rebuilding actions.

 You can assess your health by colon observation. The body becomes healthy or toxic depending upon the condition of the complete alimentary tract from mouth to anus.

 Which part of the alimentary may be under performing can be determined to a large extent by observing the condition of the feces.

 Some signs of intestinal problems include: bad breath, smelly stool and the need for a strong underarm deodorant or even a total body deodorant.

Healthy indicators include: a stool that floats, is well formed, of a brown to dark brown color and does not smell offensively bad.

 To float well, the stool needs high a fiber content from a high fiber diet and short chain fatty acid created by healthy bacteria in the colon. Stools, however, can float if excess gas is created through putrefaction or if the diet is composed of a lot of fat. If it floats but smells bad, it is most likely putrefaction.

 Healthy stools do not mark the toilet bowel, hang together without pebbling, have little or no food particles that are visible, or are of a fairly large volume.  There is a feeling of complete elimination. Also the remains wipe easily and completely from the skin without using too much toilet paper.

 If you eat once a day, one movement is in order. If you eat three times a day, the rule of thumb is that there should be three bowel movements.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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