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A colonic cleanse is a rapid way to eliminate toxic build up in the colon by washing with water alone or with healing herbal or natural additives.

 This type cleanse can be an enema given with your own personal enema bag in the privacy of your own home.  The enema bag can be upgraded to a larger flow system with use of a five gallon bucket and a stool/board arrangement that allows for easy emptying as it fits over the toilet bowl.

 Some people do colonic cleanses as a long-term therapeutic practice.  Some claim that as a result of this long term therapy the bowel is cleaned and strengthened.  This can be made into a long term and time intensive practice.

 A simple colonic cleanser is a coffee enema.  The coffee enema has been used for many years as a detoxification aid especially with regard to the effects of any chronic disease, especially cancer.  It is reported that the coffee enema is a great pain reliever in so much that it has been used as a replacement for morphine when that has not been available during times of emergency.

 Some of the chemicals in coffee relax the muscles in the colon and gallbladder and allow  bile to flow from the gallbladder at an increased rate. When bile is restricted, the liver is not able to rid itself of the poisons it is ready to eliminate. This overburdens the liver and things then back up into the blood and lymph systems.

Coffee enema directions

Coffee enema Directions:

1. Grind coffee beans and use 1 to 4 tablespoons to 4 cups of water.

2. Brew coffee using a drip coffee maker.

3. Cool to room temperature.

4. Fill enema bag.

5. Fill colon by laying on the left side first.

6. Ideally try to use all 4 cups at one time, laying first on the left side for 10 minutes, on the back 10 minutes, and then on the right side for ten minutes.  Depending upon the condition of the colon, more than one filling may need to be done to use up the 4 cups of freshly brewed coffee.

There may be restrictions in the colon and an extra long flexible tube may need to be inserted past the point of restriction.  Be very careful to lubricate the tubing well and be sure the tubing is soft and flexible.

7. Eliminate as needed.

 Some people use other herbs in a colonic cleanse which may stimulate the bowel to contract or herbs to make the bowel relate. Some use this to implant friendly flora or other items to heal the bowel wall.

Colonic cleanse, colon cleansers
and builders

What most people find is that it is much easier to do short term cleanses with herbal products that cleanse and build the stomach, liver and colon.

 Two day cleanse, three day cleanse, seven day cleanse are examples. The 80/20 rules seems to govern all of life. The body naturally cleanses, pauses and restructures. A two day cleanse done on weekends really is a good way to work with nature.

 With any detoxification method, nutrients needed for the detoxification process need to be supplemented as they are difficult to get in food alone, assuming you can get good quality food in the first place.  The best colon cleansers will help to build the tone necessary for good elimination rather than dependency upon water washing alone. Carrying an enema bag with you for life does not seem to be a good thing to me.

 Always think about building the great health triad first: stomach, liver and colon.

 Note: remember in all naturally healing procedures to start slowly and work up.  The more out of balance or fragile a person’s health is, the more patience and time it takes to more up to an effective level.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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