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Sprouting enhanced foods and recipes

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A detox cleanse diet is enhanced by releasing the power of nature in basic foods such as, seeds, nuts and grain by sprouting them. 

Sprouting and Natural Recipes For A Detox Cleanse Diet

The American diet is made up of nearly twenty-five percent wheat products, twenty-five percent dairy products, eight percent sugar and three percent margarine. This means that over sixty percent of the total daily average of foods is of low value.

 This probably ten times what it should be. What this means is that the body has a big job to do, to break these unhealthy foods down, absorb what it can for health and then excrete the unused or unusable portion. The end result is the build up of a lot of catarrhal (mucus) material which impregnates tissues and becomes the basis for many illnesses and allergies.

 Sprout To Make Basic Foods More Nutritious and Absorbable

Using millet, rye, rice and yellow cornmeal as cereals is far superior to the wheat based products (if GMO free) and additives we presently use. Sprouted grains and seeds increase the biological value of the proteins contained in these items as well as increasing the value of vitamins and enzymes contained therein for the detox cleanse diet.

 High biological value protein means protein that can become a part of the living protein structure of the body, such as organs and muscles. sprouts

Whole Foods Enhanced By Sprouting Basis for A Detox Cleanse Diet

Whole Foods Enhanced By Sprouting Basis for A Detox Cleanse Diet

 In improving foods for the detox cleanse diet, one objective is to eat whole foods, since these tend to be digested better by the body than highly processed and additive laden foods. When we eat one food at a time and chew it well and combine only foods requiring the same types of enzymes to digest, digestion improves. See: detox recipes. They are combined well, so they are digested well, this means they will build your energy and therefore your health. Physical energy helps to expel poisons from the body.

 Adding more sprouts and vegetables to any dish makes it part of a transitional diet on the way to a more excellent diet.

 Enhance Foods By Sprouting And other means

Foods that have been touched by pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human and animal waste products, parasite eggs, chemicals that ripen or slow development, irradiation, exposure to energy vibrations such as food store scanners, microwaves, or other influences have a negative effect on food value.

 These can be countered by various energy devices as well as by strong north pole magnetism. Careful washing is important. After washing, exposure to sunlight and fresh air can help to revitalize foods. The farther we can get away from processed foods, even if the produce we use is commercially grown, the better off we are.

 One way to super-charge the food supply is by juicing fresh vegetables as well as sprouting; even sprouts can be juiced. Sprouting seeds, grains and nuts is really organic farming on a small scale. The burst of life energy that occurs when seeds are awakened from their dormancy by providing water and warmth, magnifies the amount of nutrition available to our bodies. Sprouting can provide a base for a healthy diet. Adding sprouts to the finishing stage of any of these recipes is very appropriate. Adding 2-4 cups of sprouts to your daily diet is recommended.

Recipes for detox cleanse diet

 Rejuvelac, A Grain Berry Beverage:

 (Note: grains that contain gluten ounce sprouted become fairly free of gluten.  Those very sensitive could still be effected by gluten or gliadin, so monitor the effect this has on your body.)

Made famous by Ann Wigmore. This is a fermented drink made by soaking wheat berries in clean, pure water. It is very high in B, E, C vitamins, enzymes, digestive elements,

unknown life elements, and helps to restore natural flora to the intestines.

First rinse and wash 1 cup wheat berries to remove all possible debris and dirt. Then soak in three cups of pure water for forty-eight hours. Drain the first water and then add fresh water and let sit for 24 hours. Drain and save the second batch and add more water. Let sit again for 24 hours. Drain and save liquid once again; this time discard the seeds. The second and third batches can be drunk. Lemon and honey may be added to the drink to help preserve the fermentation as well as add flavor. Other herbs and spices may be added.

 Other grains can be used, such as rye, spelt, or barley. Cleanliness is important since yeasts of various types are all around us, some of which putrefy any organic matter they come in contact with. Citric acid can be added as a means of delaying unhealthy fermentation.

 (Note: adding rejuvelac in place of water in all recipes, assuming the dish is not brought to boiling, will add a lot of additional nutritional value. Rejuvelac is rich in enzymes making digestion better)

 Mineral Water:

 Take the rind of watermelon, barely peel the skin from the rind and juice the rind. Add rejuvelac and you have an excellent mineral rich drink.

 Almond Milk:

1/4 cup cleaned almonds can be soaked for up to 24 hours. The seeds can then be blended and strained through a cheese cloth or sent through a Champion juicer. Add water to make 1 quart of almond milk. Salt, honey, brown sugar, vanilla or other creative additions can be  added to improve taste. Almonds are considered by many to be the perfect food in terms of protein and minerals.

 Sesame Milk:

Use the same basic procedure as for almond milk except use 1 cup sesame seeds to 2 cups of water.

 Wheat Milk:

1 cup 2-day sprouted wheat berries. 1½ cups water. Maple syrup or honey. Dates or figs. Blend wheat and water well. Strain and discard fibers. Sweeten this detox cleanse diet item with these sweeteners.

Sprouted wheat cereal:

 Follow directions for wheat milk but instead of straining milk, heat the mixture slightly, add sweetener and use as a cereal. Note: other grains may be used as a base for a cereal provided they have been sprouted. Excess heating destroys much of the value of this living food. Sprouting removes plant/seed toxins used by the plant/seed to protect from insects, yeast/fungi, or animals from eating. A lot of so called allergies are due to these toxins. Sprouting makes these foods very digestible.


 All seeds, grains or legumes can be sprouted. Some, however, taste better than others. Some of the most commonly sprouted items include: alfalfa, radish, broccoli, mung, fenugreek, sunflower, peas, grains, beans, lentils.

Basic Method of Sprouting for A Detox Cleanse Diet

1. Equipment: glass Mason jars are best, because they can easily be sterilized. A clean, moistened cloth has also been used for sprouting some seeds. The mouth of a mason jar needs to be sealed to keep out yeasts and molds. Cheese cloth or screening helps with drainage. There are special screened lids available.

 2. Soaking: generally the smaller the seed, the less time is needed for soaking. Seeds that have been stored for a long time need more time soaking because the seed harden with time. Minimum time for small seeds is 5 hours of soaking, medium seeds require 8 hours or more, beans and grains need to soak for 10 to 15 hours. Many people soak seeds, nuts and grains for 24 hours provided this does not overly water log and harm them. Older seeds may not sprout well. Removing husks and seeds that do not sprout is important to keep down molds and bacteria that feed hulls.

 3. Draining: drain and rinse well, failure to do this can result in premature spoilage. Should be rinsed well twice a day. In hotter or more humid weather, more rinsing and draining is necessary. Peroxide and citric acid aid in keeping sprouts clean. If you do not get good sprouts, it may be due to bad seeds or excess soaking, or not adequately removing debris, such as hulls. Hulls putrefy because they are waste materials from the seed or nut. Living things, microbes, attack the hulls and break them down and consume them.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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