Detox Cleansing Diet

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Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

This detox cleansing diet adds the fiber needed for the intestines to work better. Foods when properly prepared and easily absorbable are soothing and building to the intestines. Relaxing and soothing the intestines help spastic and impacted areas to release and let go of toxic materials that poison the body.

Fifteen things to do in a detox cleansing diet

1. Food preparation: the base of this plan is fresh vegetables, fruits, and high quality proteins. It is important to improve the qualify of these foods by proper preparation. To remove petrochemicals, metals, fungii, bacteria, viruses, parasites, hormones, pesticides and other elements, the use of an oxidating substance, such as Clorox (chlorine bleach without additives) or hydrogen peroxide is helpful.

2.Use only Chlorox brand chlorine bleach without additives. If your bleach has additives in it, do not use it. Use 1-2 teaspoons of Clorox per kitchen sink full of water. Separate all leafy vegetables and soak for at least 10 minutes in solution. Then soak equal time in fresh tap water. Rinse more if you would like. Soak root vegetables or thick skinned fruits for 15-20 min- utes in the same manner, rinsing afterwards. Soak meats 20 minutes in the same manner as above. Be sure prepared food is then dried completely and stored in a sanitized refrigerator. Ozonation of the refrigerator dramatically increases shelf life of vegetables and other foods.

3. Avoid dairy products except for small amount of cultured organic products, such as yogurt, cottage cheese and butter milk. These are predigested and provide a form of protein that is harder for putrefying microbes to thrive upon. Most allergies to dairy products are due to leaky gut syndrome (degeneration of the villi of the small intestines and so the release of lactose digesting enzymes), blood type, low digestive enzymes, low hydrochloric acid production, dairy products containing putrefying bacteria and their toxins, and pasteurization which destroys key unknown nutrient factors that aid digestion and absorption.

4. Electro-magnetically enhancing foods begins with your thoughts and reverential care of yourself and the foods of which you are about to partake. Prayer over food is/was a ritual to set the mind and environment to peace so as to enhance these energies. There are several devices reputed to neutralize the effect of chemicals and radiation and restore to food a vibrational state closer to that of nature. Exposing food to run light can recharge some what. Hanna Kroeger energy enhancement products. High gauss magnets alkalize water and foods. Use only the north pole.   All things absorb the energy of the fields around them. Even thoughts and words have been shown to purify or putrefy foods.

5. The goal of this detox cleansing diet is a lower carbohydrate diet with a little more high quality protein and only high quality oils. Margarine and hydrogenated oils are out in the detox cleansing diet. Cold pressed virgin oils are in. Flax and olive oil are especially good. Butter from grass fed cows is in.

6. Avoiding gluten containing food (wheat bread, pasta, oats, cereals, processed foods with wheat flour added), sugar, milk, salt, and eating no more than 1-2 servings of fruit a day would be helpful. Try to follow food selections based on the probable eating habits of your multigenerational ancestors (search Blood Type Diet).The foods they ate are a natural for you. Their bodies adapted to the food in their environment, so these foods are likely to be more absorbable to you today. For example, oranges for northern Europeans would tend to be more allergenic than for someone from Africa or Central or South America. But then again many of the mass marketed foods have been modified genetically very recently.

7. Avoiding all foods with man made chemicals is essential in this detox cleansing diet. Personally prepared food is best, as packaged foods of all types contain contaminants from packaging materials as well as food additives.

8.This detox cleansing diet encourages the idea of eating low carbohydrate vegetables for breakfast. The idea is to have a variety, which means at least five vegetables and five proteins (one of each may be cooked) for break- fast. THE ONLY ACCEPTED FORM OF SOY IS TOFU, from whole soybeans, not soybean meal. Fish, especially ancient types like shrimp or squid are very absorbable and healing. Eggs, fowl and beef are good sources of high quality protein. Eating most of the daily protein at breakfast puts less stress on the kidneys and liver. Eating heavy foods later in the day and night makes digestion and assimilation more difficult, so the body has a harder time regenerating itself. This of course relates to degeneration, fatigue, and exhaustion. (Note on chicken and eggs: ninety or more percent of chickens contain P.Cryptocidesbacteria. If you have smelled chlorine when you've cooked chicken its because chicken is soaked in clorox to kill these and mask its low quality. It is important that you get free range organic chicken or no chicken at all. The immune system of the chicken needs to be excellent in order to avoid infection from chicken. Your immune system can't be any better than the quality of the foods you eat).

9. Lunch and dinner should be lighter meals with slightly more carbohydrate. A dinner of steamed vegetables and soups is good.

10. Great health building aids in a detox cleansing diet would include: multiple-mineral asporotates for bones and various metabolic processes, probiotics for healthy intestinal flora, digestive enzymes for complete break down of food, and freeze dried plant greens for overall nutritional support. These things will make up for what is missing in the depleted foods we consume.

11.Take one to two tablespoons of one or a variety of dried plant greens (concentrated alfalfa juice concentrate, spirulina, barley green, wheat grass, chorella, nutritional yeast, and/or dulse). This can cover most of your daily green food requirement. Use this as a nutritional supplement daily.

12. This diet is anti-fungal because it does not foster the fungal overgrowth common to almost all people.

13. People who have low saliva pH (low saliva pH means you don't have the physical energy to create hydrochloric acid sufficient to digest food well) may find that they must eat more cooked foods (vegetables) until digestive fluids, enzymes, and liver function improves. If you don’t feel better after starting this diet, go on more cooked foods for awhile and slowly rebuild. Consider also taking plant enzymes and hydrochloric acid supplements.

14.Some good salad dressings can be made with a blender and any of the following high quality ingredients: cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic yogurt, Spike, Dr Bonners seasoning, farmed french sea salt, Braggs seasoning, eggs, buttermilk, fresh avocado, tomatoes, etc. Vegetables can be blended, seasoned and used as dressing. Mix to taste. Some of these add high quality protein, and invigorate the taste of your prepared vegetables. This detox cleansing diet will give you new life.

15.Vegetarians often lack digestive fluids strong enough to digest fiber and cellulose sufficiently to extract needed nutrients from plant life to maintain good health. Foraging animals seek out salt licks to balance the high potassium in their diets with sodium. Low sodium diets contribute to low digestive ability. Meat eaters get most of their sodium for digestive fluid creation from eating meat However, those who eat meat may need additional salt to create strong digestive fluids.

Complete the detox cleansing diet with herbs and herbal blends
that support liver, kidneys and colon

In any detoxifying program there can be a certain amount of sluggishness in any or all body systems. With detoxifying comes periods of deep cleansing that can over load sluggish organs of elimination.  During this process its very helpful to support the colon, liver and kidneys with specific herbs and herbal blends.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Two day Colon Cleanse       Two Day Liver Cleanse       Two Day Kidney Cleanse

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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