Internal Cleanse improves health

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Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

An Internal Cleanse is like a bath for the inside of your body, for every tissue and cell of the body. Its like a car wash that uses soap and water and a brush to loosen and wash away years of accumulated toxic waste where ever the wastes are stored in your body.

 In any cleansing effort, the  HEALTH TRIAD of the stomach, liver and colon must be center stage.   Poorly digested food is not able to be absorbed by the body so it sits and is fermented by the bad bacteria in the body. As this toxic mass moves slowly through the digestive tract, toxic by-products are absorbed into the blood and other fluids of the body and eventually must be passed through the liver for detoxification and elimination.

 An Internal cleanse is meant to reduce toxins a formed and improve elimination of toxins should have been stored rather than eliminated.

 Remember stomach, colon, liver, the great health Triad, .  Support these well and healthy internal body cleansing will be possible to achieve.

 You likely have a toxic bowel, you are likely poisoning yourself which can be corrected with natural internal cleansing based on herbal products and supplements and improved lifestyle.

Unless toxins are removed, there is a toxic build up in every tissue. The strong tissues push into the weak tissues. The chart on Toxic Stress is a model of how this happens.

Two Day Colon Cleanse, Two Day Liver Cleanse, Two Day Kidney Cleanse

Internal  cleanse supported by High quality foods, chewed and digested

Internal Cleansing Stops Toxification Of All TissuesInternal Cleansing Stops Toxification Of All Tissues

During an internal cleanse the intake of simpler more easily digested foods that a burden off the digestive system.  Fresh foods have higher nutrient levels that slow putrefaction and neutralize harmful byproducts.  

 It starts with chewing. You may have noticed how well grazing animals chew their food. They mixed food very well with the saliva and the enzymes contained therein. They are also very careful as to what they eat. They don't eat what they are unable to digest. They know their food. Eating inappropriate foods can lead to death.

 Man is more of an omnivore, but still has adapted to the common foods and dishes of his own ethnic group and location where his food has come from.

The need for detoxification starts with the first bite.  Digestion is a subconscious or parasympathetic process.  The sight, the smell, the taste all contribute to the process of digestion. Brain centers respond to the sensory stimulants, activating the digestive organs to prepare the right enzyme and acid mix to break food down to its fundamental components so they may be absorbed and incorporated into your body.  These raw materials are for your renewal.

 Healthy food properly chewed and digested in the stomach and then passed into the small intestines with proper extraction of nutrients is the ideal.

 Half digested food, additives and other toxic elements are rejected by the body in the renewal process.  These should be eliminated quickly as they are the natural foods of other organisms and should be digested outside your body.  The by-products of this sort of digestion you will absorb if left in your body and these are a load that make you sick.

 The colon is the bottom end of the digestive tract.  The purpose of the colon is to absorb fluids and electrolytes and other nutrients leaving a condensed byproduct of bacteria and other waste products destined for elimination from the body.

Mindfulness needed For Internal CleansE.

The digestive process is hindered and even stopped by stress, trauma and fears.  When the fight or flight instinct is activated digestion stops and the body tries to purge itself of what is in process. If this reflex to purge is interrupted or suppressed  partially digested food sits in the digestive tube and starts to rot.  Putrid wastes begin to be re-absorbed into the blood and circulated throughout the body.

 Colon cleansers and other herbal aids to natural internal cleansing, come to the rescue as  short-term solutions to longer-term mind-body problems.

 Digestive and eliminative results vary based in part on your state of mind. Improved mind-body connection is an aspect of an internal cleanse.

 Its easier to say that mal-digestion and elimination are due to stress and fear than to do something consciously about it, at least short-term.  High quality herbal cleansing products can make up for a halting subconscious activation of processes involved in digestion and elimination.

 By focusing on the digestive process, digestion can be improved.  Internal cleansing especially as great herbal products are taken to enhance the process, help in creating mindfulness, as you pay attention to the workings of he herbal products.

 You can learn to stimulate secretions that help to digest and lubricate the digestive tube from oral cavity to anus. By paying attention to the working of the herbal products, herbal products for detox and cleansing, if you relax and listen to your organs and affirm them your secretions can increase and blocked digestion can be restarted.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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