Juice Detox Diet

Juice Detox Diet: Juice today is likely not the juice of fifty years ago because of soil degradation and possibly difference choices of commercial varieties grown.  Still the nutritional value of these are great. And of course the taste of fresh juice can be fantastic.

Once juiced vegetable and fruit juices should be consumed within 20-30 minutes.  Juice may last one day or two when refrigerated but the decline in value is rapid.

Pasteurization definitely kills all the enzymes within the raw juice meaning it destroys most if not all the vital life force therein, making  juice detox diet less effective.  Pasteurization kills the friendly and unfriendly bacteria so spoiling is delayed for sometime.

juice detox diet: fresh is best

You can control freshness and control the cost of juice by juicing yourself in a juice detox diet.

 Very few health food store today offer fresh juice, its perishable and not a great turner, so to get freshly made juice that you don't make yourself means you have to hunt it down.

 Some fresh juice retailers may even deliver as in my locality.

 As a specialty juicing is marketed at a high price for those who can afford it.  In my area its about $8-10 for a pint of juice made the same day.

 There is a lot of labor involved to the prepare vegetables, but several glasses of fresh juice a day is very health supporting.

How much juice for a juice detox diet cleanse?  Pretty much all you want if you are mixing 50/50 carrot and/or apple juice with a broad range of other low carbohydrate vegetables.  Fresh living juice will neutralize poisons in the body rapidly.

What you experience in terms of the elimination you experience as the juice neutralizes poisons and pushes these wastes out tells you  how much juice to consume. 

Taking two to four quarts of juice a day is normal.  Taking full body cleansing herbs with a lot of water while juice cleansing can reduce the amount of juice you need to drink and still get best results.

Taking full body cleansing herbs while juice detox diet cleansing can provide the added support you will likely need.

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Making your own juice

Most people will make their own juice as a regular health building practice.

 Here are a few things to know and ideas if you are going to make your own juice.

 You will need a juicer.  There is a great deal of difference in juicers but to generalize, the more expensive juicers will be more efficient in extracting a greater amount of juice from vegetables and fruit. 

 Items such as carrots, apples, cucumbers, and celery are good juicing items even with the lowest model juicers. These vegetables and fruit contain a lot of fluid relative to fiber so don't foam when juices. Watermelon is easy to juice, rind and all, just peel the green peel unless its organic and well cleaned.

 Any vegetable that is fairly dry or contains a lot of fibrous material is hard juice, as very little juice is separated out. The end result is mainly just a juicy blob. Beets and cabbage are examples of this although fluid content is going to vary from lot to lot.

To get a decent return for your time and money from juicing the drier vegetables, you need to squeeze out the juice and you will probably need a press to do that. An option would be to blend these vegetables with some water or other juices into a smoothie Another option if you juice these drier vegetables, after juicing, use the balance of the fibrous pulp as a base for a soup.

 Carrots and apples are normally available anywhere all year round. Organic carrots are readily available and inexpensive.

 If not organic, carrots or apples can be peeled to remove commercial chemicals and pesticides or brushed under running water and lathered and washed with special organic soups designed for this purpose.

 Green leafy vegetables require a special juicer made for grasses.  Greens will foam in standard juicers. The foam is an introduction of air into the juice, oxidizing the juice, reducing nutritional value and making the juice not as tasty. 

 Greens must be organic as washing is very difficult because of the large surface area which allows pesticides and other farming chemicals to adhere to a large surface making it hard to clean effectively.  

Recipes: just juice and mix or Get this book

As mentioned above the main items for juicing are carrots, apples, cucumbers and celery.  These make the bulk of the juice, to which you can add items like beets, parsley, dandelion greens, beet greens, cilantro and more.  These last items give a fresh and sometimes bitter taste so mixing with the first four items makes them more palatable

Here's a great book on juice recipes by Norman Walker an early evangelist for juicing:

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by Dr. N.W. Walker D.Sc., Walker, Dr. Norman W. Revised Edition (6/6/1978)

You can pick up a copy for less than $5.00

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