Kidney Cleanse

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For kidney cleanse we need to realize the kidneys are essential organs which remove waste products which differ somewhat from that excreted by the liver and colon. There is some overlap on this waste removal process so reducing overall toxicity of the body and removing as much through the gut will take a burden off the kidneys.

When there is a kidney concern be sure to take kidney building and cleansing herbs and so not do any heroic cleansing. Do mild cleansing.

Kidney Cleanse Recommendations

1. Complete and thorough cleansing of the gut is essential followed by improved diet.

2. Mild cleansing focusing on building up the kidneys. Dietary changes reducing carbohydrates and especially diary and wheat products. Reducing protein making all protein consumed very high quality protein as your kidneys and body need protein daily for metabolic processes.

3. Put emphasis upon green vegetables as salads, steamed vegetables and nutritional broths. The paleo-diet is superior to the low fat and high carbohydrate diet.

4. Mild exercise to induce a mild sweat. This removes toxicity through the skin rather than kidneys.

5. Skin brushing. An activated skin removes more toxicity through the skin, considered the third kidney.

6. Drink 2-3 quarts of pure water a day.

7. FOS, 6 grams a day, decreases the amount of putrefactive substances, reducing the amount of nitrogen and urea secretion by 20-30 percent.

8. Charcoal and clay have also been used to pull toxins through the colon and reduce the burden on the kidneys.

Kidney Cleanse, How Kidneys Function
And What They Do

The primary function of the kidneys is to filter metabolic waste products and excess sodium and water from the blood and help eliminate them from the blood. The kidneys also help regulate blood pressure, red blood cell production, and mineral balance in the body and bone density. The kidneys also have a lot to do with acid/base regulation in the body by excreting acids and neutralizing acids with bicarbonate.

The blood comes into the kidney nephrons or filtering units ( a million per kidney) under high pressure to filter out wastes. Most sodium, water, glucose, and other filtered substances are reabsorbed and ultimately returned to the blood. The kidneys use extra metabolic energy to remove chemicals, drugs, toxins, etc. from the blood not removed by the liver. Even though there may be enough urine eliminated, many substances may not be removed because of kidney weakness. Often people do not realize they have kidney problems since they seem to urine sufficiently.

Frequent urination can be because the kidneys cannot concentrate urine. Most people urinate 4-6 times a day, but irritation of the urinary tract can increase this. Frequent urination can be associated with diabetes, bladder weakness, heart disease, drinking excess water, and prostate inflammation. Puffiness under the eyes is a sign of water and waste retention. The darker the under eye area is the more severe a kidney problem can be.

Kidney Cleanse, Building Up This Vital Function

Backache or back disorders can be related to the kidney. Strengthening the kidneys helps to improve mineral balance, the body becoming better able to retain minerals. Realize in kidney cleanse that the skin is the third kidney. So skin brushing, aerobic exercise, anything that increases waste removal from the skin helps to remove kidney wastes through the skin which can take a burden off the kidneys. Improving the colon so more wastes are removed through the colon also helps the kidneys. Leaky bowel syndrome is a major problem today, by healing the bowel lining an additional burden is taken off the kidneys. In fact, improving elimination through the colon and improving the flora in the intestines will help the kidneys. In a kidney cleanse bentonite and charcoal taken internally help pull poisons out through the colon rather than the kidneys.

Major causes of kidney failure include insufficient blood supply to the kidneys (blood loss, weak heart, low blood pressure, liver failure), obstructed urine flow (enlarged prostate, tumors or cysts, microorganisms - candida is a great clogger), injuries within kidneys (allergic reactions, toxic substances, blocked arteries or veins, crystals, protein, or other substances in the kidneys.

Note: cleansing can put an extra burden on the kidneys. Intense cleansing with weak kidneys is not a good idea.. Good adrenal function stimulates kidney function.

Kidney malfunctioning can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals, allergic substances, toxicity, genetic defects, etc. Growth may be stunted, calcium may be lost, hair and nails may become brittle and some hair may fall out. Kidney cleanse needs to both build and cleanse the kidneys to reverse evidence of malfunction as mentioned in past two sentences.

Antibodies that fight infection may be lost in the urine. Blood clotting can become abnormal increasing risk of clotting inside blood vessels. High blood pressure and attendant complications relating to heart and brain is possible. Edema throughout the body especially in legs and feet is an indicator of kidney and heart problems.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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