Liver Cleanse Diet

Liver Cleanse Diet FoodsLiver Cleanse Diet Foods

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A liver cleanse diet involves selecting foods that work on all major functions of the digestion, assimilation and elimination cycle.  Often the liver is effected negatively when foods chosen cannot be easily digested and so become the food for bad bacteria and putrefaction.

This toxicity of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, liver, colon) is known as auto-intoxication.  When trying to cleanse the liver the first step is to go on simple foods and then completely purge and cleanse the bad contents.

The second step is to start introducing good quality foods in a way so as to aid these foods in being digested well so the nutrients therein can be absorbed easily. When good nutrients are absorbed into the body there is then a base for building and rebuilding all the tissues and organs of the body.

Poor Digestion of Foods must be corrected

Liver Cleanse Diet Foods

There are a fair number of people who cannot digest even the simplest foods. This is due to a long-term abuse of the digestive system. Eating incorrect foods, improperly prepared, of low quality, combining foods that do not mix, and degeneration of the digestive organs makes for poor digestion.

 Over time the stomach lining becomes corroded and the parietal glands become non-functioning. So much acid becomes accumulated in the body that acids pool in the stomach and create acid indigestion and in some cases acid reflux.

 In most cases these things can be corrected. Adding hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme supplements are helpful over the short-term. Certain herbs, such as cayenne pepper, ginger, fennel, peppermint and alfalfa are also short-term solutions in a liver cleanse diet.

Proper Digestion is also mental

As regards digestion, this is a marvelously intelligent process at work. As we chew food thoroughly, the brain signals the body to create and develop the proper digestive fluids for a perfect and complete absorption and assimilation. This process is orchestrated in a liver cleanse diet starting with the smell of the food.

 Pavlov demonstrated the conditioned response surrounding food and how an associated sound can trigger the production of saliva. Pavlov also demonstrated that each food brought forth a particular activity of the digestive glands; the strength of the juice depended upon the quality of the food eaten, the strongest juices were excreted for digestion when needed the most.

 Smell and taste trigger responses that may be even deeper and more complete. As we chew, taste, and smell foods, our innate digestive intelligence assesses the quality of the food (as well as past memories or the recipes of past digestive fluids made in the past) and goes to work to create the digestive enzymes needed to optimally process what has been taken into the body.

Work With Natural Processes Of Digestion For Health Building

When we work with this natural process (incorporating a liver cleanse diet), health restorative effects are the result. Proper chewing alone has restored many people to sound health.

Digestion is a temporary stress to the body. Like turning an electrical switch on a food blender, a strain or load is placed on the motor until the job is completed. Elements must be withdrawn from various parts of the body to create the needed enzymes and acids.

 Urine becomes more acid and saliva becomes more alkaline during digestion. Depending upon the strength of the internal organs, stresses of various systems can have a similar effect on urine and saliva.

 Digestive stress is meant to be a short term stress with a liver cleanse diet.  Improper digestion, however, places a greater stress upon the body because undigested foods pass into the small and large intestines and become a food source for putrefactive bacteria and yeasts which create poisonous byproducts which must them be detoxified by various organs.

 Once organs are scarred, bad microbes have a permanent home in the scar tissue. Dealing with this infection opportunity by bad microbes can last a lifetime.

 Remember that the body is adapted to digesting natural combinations of food elements within naturally occurring foods. This is not the case with unnatural products. A liver cleanse diet faces this challenge.


Proper food combining for a liver cleanse diet

(Note: mixing foods is not seen in nature. Animals tend to eat only one food at a time and separate different foods by many hours.)

 1. Acid-starch Combinations. For a liver cleanse diet eat acids and starches at separate meals. Acids reduce the ability to digest starches by inactivating ptyalin in saliva. Even mild acids will do this. If saliva pH is low, starch digestion is low.

 2. Protein-starch Combinations. Eat protein foods and carbohydrates at separate meals. Mixing different foods, one starch and one protein together are hard to digest. The stomach secretes a different juice when a starch is eaten as when a protein is eaten. Hydrochloric acid is needed to digest protein but also inactivates ptyalin for starch digestion. HCL is secreted once protein is in the stomach. When there is a protein-starch combination, ptyalin is inactivated when it reaches the stomach. Lipase, which digests fat, is also inactivated by acids. Pepsin, which digests protein, is inactivated by an alkaline mixture, which is stimulated by ingest- ing starches.

 3. Protein-protein Combinations. Different protein foods have differ- ent character and composition which stimulate different digestive secretions. The body will approach each food differently when digesting. Mixing different proteins will make for less efficient digestion. Eat but one concentrated protein food at a meal.

 4.Acid-protein Combination. Eat proteins and acids at separate meals. HCL is an acid needed to digest protein which is suppressed by acid foods when eaten. Both fruit acids and acids resulting from fermentation seriously handicap protein digestion and make for putrefaction.

 5. Fat-protein Combinations. Fats suppress secretion of gastric acid, delaying digestion by several hours. Fat reduces digestive ability by fifty percent. This reduction of digestion time can be countered to a large extent by eating fresh green vegetables. Otherwise the rule is: Eat fats and proteins at separate meals.

 6. Sugar-protein Combinations. Sugars are digested in the small intestines and do not need digestion in either the mouth or stomach. When they are eaten with other foods the passage of the sugar to the small intestines is delayed resulting in fermentation. Whatever yeast culture is in your system will be multiplied by the warmth, moisture and sugar before it reaches the intestines. Saliva production is stimulated by sugar, however it is devoid of ptyalin, meaning that starches cannot be digested in the mouth or stomach. Rule: Eat starches and sugars at separate meals.

 7. Eating Melons. Melons do not need to be digested in the stomach. Only a small amount of digestion is necessary for melons, which occurs in the intestines. Anything that slows down the movement of the melon into the intestines will create gas. It is good to make melon a meal in itself. Melons may combine well with other fruits. The general rule is: Eat Melons Alone. Concerning fruits, they should not be eaten between meals since the body is attempting to digest food from the previous meal. Fruit is best as a meal by itself.

 8.Take Milk Alone or not at all. Because of its protein and fat content, milk combines poorly with other foods. Milk curdles in the stomach and if there is other food in the stomach, the curds will surround these other foods, making other foods eaten almost impossible to be digested. This leads directly to putrefaction. Mixing milk with meat or milk with cereals or starches result in poor digestion.

 9. Desserts. The natural healing rule of thumb is: if you must have dessert, eat it with a large green salad and skip the next meal. Eating desserts on top of a meal, especially a large meal, leads to putrefaction.

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