Liver cleanse recipe

This liver cleanse recipe has an Ingredients list containing many potent vegetables fot cleaning and detoxifying the body if prepared properly:  3-4 large onions of any variety or of mixed varieties, 2 green or red peppers, whole or cut - fresh or canned, 1 large head of cabbage red or green,  3-4 stalks of celery,  1-2 fresh beets (optional),  1-2 carrots (optional) sea salt to taste.

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Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

Liver Cleanse Recipe ingredient #one: cabbage

Liver Cleanse RecipeLiver Cleanse Recipe

Cabbage is a rich source phytonutrients and vitamins which help prevent cancer and heart disease.

The human gut works better when it is full and especially full of benign fibers and phytonutrients.

Cabbage is a good source of dietary fiber with anti-microbial qualities that prevent putrefaction as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract picking up toxins and impacted materials along the way.

Cabbage is also very healing for the lining of the gut and well know traditionally for healing ulcers. Phytochemicals in cabbage help to prevent cancer. The list of these items is long many of which help trigger enzyme defenses and inhibit tumor growth. The I3C and sulforaphane compounds in cabbage have both been shown increase the anti-cancer effects of the chemotherapy drug Taxol. One study found consumption of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, was associated with reduced breast cancer risk.

Benefits include: Treat peptic ulcers, the anti-ulcer properties of cabbage are due to the high glutamine content in it. Anti-inflammatory properties also due to glutamine content. Boosts immune system due to high anti-oxidant content. Prevent cataract risk due to  high in beta-carotene protecting against macular degeneration and preventing cataracts. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease due to vitamin K and anthocyanin, an anti-plaque antioxidant targeting the brain. Good for muscle muscle soreness as cabbage contains lactic acid known to relieve muscles soreness.

Frequently use as treatment for constipation, stomach ulcers, headaches, obesity, skin disorders, eczema, jaundice, scurvy, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, eye disorders, heart diseases,  and aging. part of liver cleanse recipe


Betaine in beets helps in creation of stomach acid and lowers homocysteine preventing coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and peripheral vascular diseases.

Beets contain folates necessary for DNA synthesis, a key life process. Beet tuber or greens is a good source of natural vitamin C which fights free radicals created in the body.

 Beets contain flavonoid anti-oxidants and vitamin A required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin and vision, and protects lung from mouth cancers.

Beets are a useful source of B-complex vitamins, niacin (B-3), pantothenic acid (B-5), pyridoxine (B-6), iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, and potassium.

Potassium balances sodium, lowering heart rate and regulates cell metabolism. Health benefits of beets include the help of anemia, dandruff, indigestion, hemorrhoids, constipation, kidney disorders, cataract and macular degeneration, prevent birth defects, liver problems, gall bladder troubles skin care, prevent cataracts.

Since beets improve capillary fragility, improved micro-circulation has deep health rebuilding benefits. Studies show that beet juice inhibits the cell mutations caused by nitrates in processed meats and slow down tumor development.

 Containing boron, beets boost the production of sexual hormones leading  to a boost in your libido, increased fertility, sperm mobility improvement, and a reduction in frigidity for some. Oxygen uptake is increased up to 16%in people who drink beet juice. Good for blood building and increases sports endurance.part of liver cleanse recipe


liver Cleanse Recipe

Bell peppers has an extremely broad range of  potent phytonutrient including carotenoids, vitamin E, and contains 30 different carotenoids, such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, having potential anti-cancer benefits.

 These phytochemicals are very healing and soothing of mucous membranes and skin. giving a  more vibrant skin tone. These healing effects are wonderful for the lining of the gastrointestinal tract

 Anti-oxidants are preventive in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, eye health, protection of the macula from oxygen-related damage.

 Anti-inflammatory nutrients can lower the likelihood of chronic excessive inflammation, helping to prevent many diseases including types of cancer.

 The nutrient value of this food item is extremely high and broad so its health building ability is great, helping all health related problems.

Bell peppers may help prevent or reduce some of the symptoms of atherosclerosis and heart disease, the nerve and blood vessel damage seen in diabetes,  cataracts, damage of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, regulation of blood circulation, strengthen heart, arteries, nerves, pain relieve of arthritis, reduce alcoholism and boost eyesight. part of liver cleanse recipe


Celery reduces inflammation, such as, joint pains, lung infections, asthma, or acne.

Celery is a stress reliever. The broad range of minerals, especially magnesium and celery's inherent aromatic oils are calming and building to the nervous system.

Celery helps alkaline balance by neutralizing acids

Celery aids digestion because of its high organic sodium content, aiding the creation of digestive fluid as well as adding insoluble fiber as bulk for easy passage of stool.  Organic sodium is also good for inflammation and improved mobility of the joints.

Pheromones in celery (androstenone and androstenol) boost sexual arousal levels, released when chewed.

Celery has diuretic properties. part of liver cleanse recipe

Vitamin A, zeaxanthin, lutein and beta-carotene content in celery protects and improves mucous membranes and skin as well as the eyes and prevents age-related degeneration. Good anti-oxidant content helps neutralize free radicals and free radical caused diseases.

Celery reduces bad cholesterol, two stalks of celery a day can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) by up to seven points.

Phthalides in celery improve circulatory reducing high blood pressure by relaxing muscles in the arteries that regulate dilation. Its also an anti-stress hormone.

Celery can fight some cancers. Studies show a flavonoid in celery slows growth of cancer cells in the pancreas. It suggests that this could  also help in the fight against breast cancer.

Celery seed has been used to treat colds, arthritis, and diseases of the liver and spleen. Celery reduces inflammation, such as, joint pains, lung infections, asthma, or acne. part of liver cleanse recipe


Tomatoes have a high anti-oxidant content especially lycopene which is a vital anti-oxidant that helps in the fight against cancerous cell formation as well as other kinds of health complications and diseases especially prostate inflammation. Lycopene has even more bioavailability after cooking and processing of the tomato. Also high in vitamins  A and C , tomatoes act as free radicals scavengers, free radicals causing cell damage in disease especially chronic diseases.

Tomatoes contain good levels of chromium, helping control blood sugar level though chromium's impact on insulin and insulin sensitivity.

Tomato nutrients content helps reduce the damage smoking does to your body. Tomatoes contain chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid, both helping fight against some carcinogens found in cigarette smoke.

Eyes and vision: vitamin A and other carotenoids are very preventive and protective of eyes and vision.

Circulation: tomatoes help to lower blood pressure and to lower high cholesterol levels due to vitamin B and potassium, which then helps prevent strokes, heart attack and any life-threatening heart problems.

Lycopene and other carotenoids are smoothing and building of the mucous membranes, skin and lining of the gastrointestional tract.  Fresh or cooked tomatoes can even be applied to the skin as a treatment with direct absorption of powerful anti-oxidants directly to the skin.

Vitamin A and the other carotenoids beets contain are good for keeping your hair strong and shiny, as well as for your eyes, teeth, skin and bones.

Lycopene in tomatoes helps to lessen the chances of prostate cancer in men, reducing risk of stomach cancer and colorectal cancer. Lycopene may help to stop the growth of cancer cells.

Tomatoes contain vitamin K and calcium so help strengthen and repair bone tissue.

Consuming tomatoes has been shown to lessen the risk of gallstones and kidney stones.

So tomatoes have protective actions such as anti-thrombosis, anti-inflammatory, lowers risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, ultraviolet light-induced skin damage, and brain dysfunction. Cancers such as prostate cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and cancers of the stomach, mouth, pharynx, and esophagus have all been proven to be staved off by high levels of lycopene. 

Prevents urinary tract infections and bladder cancer since it acts as a diuretic flushing toxins and uric acid from the body. part of liver cleanse recipe

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