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liver cleanseLiver Vital To Health

The liver is the key to life. A liver cleanse is meant to support that life. The liver is very much under appreciated and abused in TODAY. Next to the heart the liver is probably the most vital organ of the body. For example, oxygen will be shut off to the brain before it is shut off to the liver. In other cultures, friends may be referred to as friend of the liver instead of friends of the heart.

The liver creates over 13,000 chemicals and over 50,000 enzyme systems. A person that functions with 35% liver efficiency is in good health. People with 20-25 % are considered in good health. Imagine what level of energy a person would have if his liver functioned at 70 %.

It is estimated that there are now over 100,000 chemicals in the environment that the liver must detoxify. These chemicals fit into the flowing categories: agricultural crop poisons, agricultural animal chemicals, food processing chemicals, vaccinations, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, environmental pollutants, dental fillings, addictive foods and detrimental consumable, fried and fatty foods, radiation elements and effects, and body products(deodorants, hair spray, cosmetics, etc.)

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Liver Cleanse Involves Stomach and ColonLiver Cleanse Involves Stomach and Colon

The Liver is part of a larger system of digestion, assimilation and elimination: Stomach, Colon, and Liver.

The liver is influenced greatly by both the stomach and the colon. Digestion begins by mixing saliva with food. Few people spend enough time chewing to break food into small units.

Stomach fluids become weaker with age, so that it becomes increasing difficult to digest food to the level that places the lowest stress on the health triad. When partially digested foods reaches the intestinal wall lining, the body will attempt to detoxify harmful components before absorption takes place.

Mucus serves as an element to encapsulate potential harmful substances. Due to leaky bowel syndrome in many people, partially digested food enters the blood and is attacked by the immune system. The blood then passes through the liver for detoxification. If the load is too heavy for the liver to detoxify, the wastes circulate and are passed onto other organs or put into storage in weak areas of the body.

The flow chart of toxins is as follows: digestion to colon to liver/gallbladder to lungs to circulation: blood/lymph to spleen and heart to muscles and soft tissue to spine to brain/nerves to endocrine glands and back to the digestive system. What one area cannot eliminate or store is passed on to the next system.

When doing a liver cleanse you must do it to your tolerance, go slowly, as the wastes you are not able to eliminate could be shunted to the weakest area of your body which could cause problems in the future.   Fast is not always better.

Liver Cleanse,  going slow is okay

Detoxification Dangers: Detoxification has been used since the time of Hippocrates to improve health. Regimens have included lengthy fasts, purging the bowels, water and clay, steam baths, exercises, cleansing diets, colonics or colemas, and strict diets.

There are risks associated with severe methods of detoxification as wastes can be stirred up and moved into the blood and then due to organs of elimination being sluggish, not being able to be completely removed.

What can happen is toxins can be merely redistributed or even driven more deeply into the tissues for future chronic illnesses. Also during the detoxification process, areas of safe storage can be opened and toxins, parasites, and/or various microbes can be released to cause repeated damage. Normally mild liver cleanse should precede moderate to intense detoxification. Short and moderate is a good idea. You must earn health by your consistent effort and clean up the detox efforts once begun.

Liver cleanse – A Basic Method

Don’t attempt this liver cleanse until gallbladder and colon are in fairly good shape. Preparing for this liver cleanse by a complete and thorough cleansing of the colon is necessary.

1. Day one to noon day six, drink as much organic apple juice as you can (three quarts or more). To be taken between meals on an empty stomach.

2. Use 3 Lb (Systemic Formulas) 4 times a day between meals.

3. At noon day six, have a lunch of vegetables, both raw and steamed.

4. Three hours after lunch dissolve 2 teaspoons epsom salts into one once of hot water. Drink and follow with 4 ounces of grapefruit or orange or lemon juice.

5. Two hours later repeat.

6. For supper on day six eat only one grapefruit

7. at bedtime, drink four ounces of double virgin olive oil followed by four ounces of fresh grapefruit juice. If some nausea occurs it usually disappears in less than an hour.

8. Go to bed. Lie on your right side with your right knee pulled up close to your chest for 30 minutes.

9. The morning of day seven, one hour before breakfast, take two teaspoons of magnesium sulfate salt. Within a few hours bowel movement and gallstones should pass.

Liver Cleanse – An Alternate Milder Approach

This milder approach will work well for 80-90% of those trying it. This can be done over a thirty day period. Eliminate all processed foods and any starchy vegetables. Lean meats, foods and vegetables are good. You want to put a lot of benign vegetable water or fibers into the gut that prevent putrefaction and absorb toxicity.

Take the laxative cleanse formula to bowel tolerance, to the point of good and frequent bowel movements.

Then for thirty days, before bed on an empty stomach take 1 tablespoon olive oil mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. If you are sensitive to this amount merely cut the amount in half.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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