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A liver cleansing diet is often sought by those who understand how many health problems are attributed to liver related issues.

SOME DISEASES ATTRIBUTED TO LIVER DYSFUNCTION: it has been estimated that over 1,200 diseases or malfunctions of the body can be traced to a liver weakness. A few follow: *abscesses*adenoids*anal itching*anemia*appendicitis*assimilation problems *bad breath*bronchitis *cancer*chills *coated tongue *diabetes *dizziness*enlarged spleen*fatigue*frequent urination*gas*glandular imbalance *hearing problems *hearing problems*hemorrhoids*hemorrhage*impotency*intestinal bacteria problems* intestinal inflammation *intestinal spasms*jaundice*menstrual discomfort*mental fatigue*migraine headaches*nervousness *obesity *rheumatism*sinus trouble*skin disease*sleeping disorders*spots on hands or face*sterility*swollen legs*tonsil problems*tuberculosis*vision problems

A liver cleansing diet helps to deal with these problems.

Remember that HERBS are food, a very powerful food used in helping all tissues and especially the liver to heal and rebuild.

The Liver cleansing  diet obstacle: Poor Food Quality

Herbal Foods as Healers For the Liver

At one time in the USA the bulk of the foods eaten were harvested and consumed within hours or days. At the time of harvest, food nutrients begin to decline.  Refrigerating, freezing and adding preservatives helps, however food value is not what it needs to be in order to build health, especially the cleansing of the liver.

 What we have today is an empty harvest increasing the need for a liver cleansing diet. The foods in the markets may look like food but have little or no food value. Also, they have a chemical residue inside and outside.

Taking a total look at food, there are many factors that reduce food quality.  Mineral content of the soil is a big factor and accumulated petrochemicals that eliminate humus. What is available for the plant to consume?  Humus in the soil is critical to food quality. Humus holds water, fostering the soil culture of worms, fungii, microbes of various types which break down organic and inorganic matter that is then absorbed by plants.  Soil culture, as a unified whole, stimulates the break down of rocks and soil into free minerals for absorption.  Quality food is grown in soil which has many elements prepared by soil micro-organisms and other living things.

Freshness of produce depends on how long it takes to reach the market. There is a rapid fall off of nutrients after harvesting fruits and vegetables.  Extending spoilage time does not add back nutrients lost in between time of harvest and delivery to our tables.

Low food quality increases the need for a liver cleansing diet which must include high potency herbal products.

The average consumer wants to pay less for food and other things, not realizing that in the process he is selling off his health reserves and the health reserves of his future off spring. Expensive food does not necessarily equate with better quality if the food producer is an international corporation with alien loyalties. Cheap food calls also for importation of food in larger quantities.  Many imported  foods  contains chemicals banned in the United States, as well as, parasites.

Healing Bowel Lining Takes A Burden Off the Liver

Many people have leaky gut syndrome meaning toxins that would otherwise be eliminated by a normal bowl movement will leak into the lymph and blood surrounded the colon and need to be detoxified by the liver. Healing the bowel wall takes a toxic burden off the liver.

Leaky bowel syndrome is one of the most serious causes of disease today. It is well known that aspirin causes the stomach and intestines to bleed with each use. Interestingly chemicals attach themselves to cell membranes(too much toxicity ruptures the cells) which in effect cleanses the blood and lymph supply but at the same time the cells are then swept up by immune cells and become part of the mucus that is excreted from the body. The purpose of the mucus lining is to engulf bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, partially digested food, etc. and pass it out of the body. A perfect elimination could add decades to your life and abundant life to your years.

LivER cleansing diet is A combination of the best foods available plus high potency herbal blends

Given food quality problems, there are still dietary guidelines that can be followed that make a liver cleansing diet effective.

Sprouted foods are very potent. And you can sprout your own seeds and nut.  Juicing and or blending vegetables and fruits is very good.

Frozen vegetables can be steams and blended. Frozen foods are processed within 24 hours of harvest so may retain more value than most of the vegetables sitting in the grocery isles.

Vegetable broths are good. Using an organic chicken as a base for soup with added organic rice is easy to digest and immune boosting.

Avoid high sugar fruits as these alter blood sugar and stress the sugar control system.

Avoid starchy vegetables.

Avoid processed foods.

Make green drinks with freeze dried vegetable powders and/or by blending dark green leafy vegetables with cucumbers, carrots, celery and apples. You can use some apple juice to make green drink more tasty.

Reducing protein intake reduces the burden on the liver. The body still needs daily protein of a high quality. Whey protein is top rated as it comes in the form of amino acids for supplementation. This form of protein puts very little burden on the liver for processing. One or more scoops a day is needed.

Supplement with large doses of B vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Clean out the digestive tract and keep it clean. 

Herbal supplements to support and stimulate the stomach, liver and colon.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,                                          Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet