Natural Colon Cleanse.

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Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

All Natural colon cleanse is about working with your body, helping your colon to work better naturally, and healing the colon for long term health improvement.

 "Natural" does include taking one or more herbal combinations to support important organs, such as the stomach, liver, kidneys, colon and skin. Wastes that are stirred up as a result of  cleansing need to be eliminated. Weak organs need support for balanced elimination otherwise the weak organ is going to shift its detoxing to a stronger organ which may or may not be able to handle the additional load.

 Select the best colon and herbal products when cleansing the body.

Unnatural colon cleansing means avoiding crutches while natural colon cleansing

Some herbal colon cleansers, based upon the ingredients they contain, are unnatural in the sense that they are designed to be used forever rather than to heal and build the organs.  Senna, magnesium, vitamin C and even cascara sagrada can be habit forming when not balanced with other herbal ingredients.

 Single ingredient colon cleanse pills for example don't build up colon function long-term. Herb and nutrition based supplements need to be composed of ingredients that work a little on all the organs of the digestive and eliminative systems. Take broad based herbal supplements that widely support the body.

Natural colon cleanse builds long term strength of the digestive and eliminative system so as to avoid many gastrointestinal disorders.

Natural colon cleanse means building organs not just washing them out.

Colon irrigations would be another example of something that is unnatural. Although a colonic removes waste by washing the colon with gallons of water, does it build the strength of the colon? Not likely.  Unless you are building the natural strength of the organs of elimination, you are wasting time and money.

 A weak colon may not be able to handle and release all the water used in a colonic.  The large amounts of water and the wastes stirred up by washing the bowel walls  if not passed quickly and absorbed into the lining of the colon could  tax the kidneys and end up being a negative health builder as a result.

Colonics are not done in a clean room environment or with medical standard cleanliness.  The concern is that your bowel flora could be altered negatively due to the environment in which these colonic irrigations are done. The bad flora of others could be transferred to you. Or your own flora could be altered.

Natural colon cleanse aims at strengthening with depending water washing to get the colon to function.

Support all natural colon cleanse with improved food consumption.

The natural colon cleanse involves a change in food consumption.  Eating more plants, less meat, and eliminating all processed foods are part of the natural way. Everything things to be of high quality and as fresh as possible. A low fat diet is not needed as good quality oils help to remove the rancid and toxic oils of the body. Fats and oil help to stimulate bile secretion and the making of better quality bile.  Purging out toxic bile and then absorbing it with plant fibers of the food eaten or supplemental fiber, before the bile is re-absorbed is important.

A more raw food diet means juicing, blending, steaming and shredding.  Juicing separates the juice from the fiber, retaining the most vital part of the plant for easy absorption.  The only possible negative part of juicing is when the fruits have too high a sugar content so that they can cause a hypoglycemia rebound effect.

 Steaming vegetables and making broths of vegetables help a lot of people assimilate high value nutrients from plants. The steaming or gentle cooking breaks down the indigestable fiber from cell lining making nutrients available for absorption.

 Blending vegetables and fruits release nutrients for assimilation. The fiber helps the nutrients to be released slowly so the effect of sugar content on blood sugar is reduced. Also the fibers of fruits and vegetables, once moved into the large intestines absorb toxins and slow the growth of  harmful bacteria.

 A dehydrated body does not cleanse well, so when cleansing, be a water drinker. If you are juicing and/or making and drinking broth, both these substitute for water.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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