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Natural Liver CleanseCleanse That Liver Naturally

Intestinal toxemias are a first cause in the need for a natural liver cleanse. Self poisoning which is abuse of the liver and other organs is built into the modern lifestyle.  Rest and replenishment of needed of vital nutrients is called for.

Every physician should realize that the intestinal toxemias are the most important primary and contributing causes and disorders of the human body.” Dr Anthony Bassler.

It is now universally conceded that auto-intoxication is the underlying cause of an exceptionally large group of symptom complexes.” H.H. Boeker, M.D.

Toxemia may show any of the following: fatigue, nervousness, gastrointestinal conditions, recurrent infections, impaired nutrition, skin manifestations, endocrine disturbances, neuro-circulatory abnormalities, headaches, arthritis, sciatica, low back pain, allergy, asthma, eye, ear, nose and throat disorders, cardiac irregularities, pathological changes in the breasts, etc.

A natural liver cleanse starts with a good look at the organs of elimination. 

The major organs of elimination are :

1) colon,

2) lungs,

3) skin,

4) kidneys,

5) lympathic system.

There are lesser organs that can eliminate through any orifice, but the amount of elimination is usually small.  An example would be the eyes, which can eliminate a lot of fluid when stimulated, as when you peel an onion.  However, the amount is relatively small compared to the major organs.

 The major organs of elimination back each other up. If one organ is blocked, more elimination may take place through another organ. An example of this is that when a person is constipated, the skin may break out or increase perspiration to eliminate poisons which have their origin in the colon. The method an organ may use to eliminate a poison could depend on what needs to be eliminated.

 Dr. Bernard Jensen indicated that each of the major organs of elimination would remove five pounds of waste products per day if working properly.  When they are not properly eliminating, wastes will be stored for future elimination when the body is healthy. 

Natural liver cleanse focuses on a change
in food intake.

When food is withheld as in fasting or when higher quality food is eaten, the places where the body has stored excess wastes open to prepare for the body to eliminate these wastes.  Food cravings and excess food intake can be an attempt by the body to prevent a fluid of toxins stored throughout the body from flooding the blood and making a person sick.

 Preparation for a flood of toxicity needs to be made to reduce unpleasant and possible harmful side effects. Natural liver cleanse requires knowledgeable preparation.

 If the major organs of elimination are not able to excrete all the wastes stirred up, the blood will retain the wastes and re-circulate them.  This is called a cleansing reaction which may cause flu like symptoms, aching, swelling, inflammation, and fever.  If these flu like symptoms occur, this shows us that the body cannot eliminate as much waste as is stirred up, so cutting back on the cleansing could make the experience better. Cleansing reactions are accompanied by an increase in elimination.

Natural Liver Cleanse Is Connected To Colon
as #1 Eliminative Organ

Natural Liver Cleanse Is Connected To Colon as number one Eliminative Organ.

 The colon seems to be able to eliminate more wastes than any other organ during a healing reaction. The colon eliminates far more than five pound in a day during a healing reaction. So when attempting to eliminate a lot of toxic material, it is important that the colon first be unplugged or a person may feel  distress when cleansing.  If you want to make the cleansing experience as pleasant as possible be sure to get the colon working well before you begin.

 When intestinal cleansing begins, people may cleanse out bowel pockets that contain parasites or seeds and nuts that HAVE BEEN RETAINED FOR MANY YEARS. Bowel pockets or  diverticuli hold debris that eventually can cause ulcerations and inflammation and even death. A slow leakage of poisons from the colon makes the whole body toxic resulting in an increased need for natural liver cleanse.

Natural liver cleanse:
involves preparatory steps

Natural liver cleanse,involve the following preparatory steps:

 1.  Cleaning the gut and following a diet that put a lot of vegetable fiber and bulk into the intestines. Remove all processed foods and beverages. Filling the gut with fiber helps to remove toxic wastes through the colon rather than needing to be absorbed into the blood and needing to be processed by the liver. Taking a burden off the liver means the liver has more energy to do its house cleaning and repair work.

 2.  Drink plenty of water while taking 2-3 grams of herbs that help to build and cleanse the kidneys.  The kidneys are one pathway the liver uses to remove wastes, so well functioning kidneys, means the kidneys won't be overburdened as the liver begins removing more wastes than normal.

 3.  Add the best herbal colon and liver cleanser  available that will increase peristalsis while helping to break down gallstones.  Added Cascara sagrada helps stimulate the gallbladder to contract also. Hydrangea and magnesium are useful for breaking down stones. Fats and oils near the gallbladder stimulate bile to be excreted.

 4.Gradually increase the laxative liver cleanse formula to bowel tolerance for 30 days or as long as desired.

 5.Then for thirty days, before bed on an empty stomach take 1 tablespoon olive oil mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. If you are sensitive to this amount merely cut the amount in half.

 6. If there is pain in the liver heated castor oil packs can be applied. Castor oil is anti-inflammatory and neutralizes some of the toxins that accumulate in the liver.

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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