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Natural parasite cleanse means approaching the problem of parasites with respect to natural processes.  Allopathic medicine poisons while natural substances approach from a life giving position.   Many common herbs have anti-parasite effects.

 Really anything that helps to build the immune system and clean out toxic wastes from the bowels and other areas of the body give defense from parasites.  Changing the environment to a clean environment will shock parasites.

 Bacteria, other microbes, insects and animals have a magnetic sense that guides them through their territory.  Most likely parasites are the same, they could be instinctively attracted to the food(s) of their choice.  If we don’t eliminate the poisons from our intestines and other tissues, the parasites come to take their natural food and break it down.

 Two to twenty percent of carbohydrates eaten are left undigested for breakdown by intestinal flora. Chronic intestinal problems, where parasites live, can result when the friendly bacteria are missing, causing colon cells to be undernourished, inflamed and irritated.

 The end products of the digestive process by beneficial bacteria are short chain fatty acids which are ideal food for colon cells and other cells of the body. Healthy flora make short chain fatty-acids needed for repair of the intestines. These fats are easily burned as fuel by the body.  These fats are also used for other processes in the body, so fatigue and low blood sugar symptoms are related to the lack of production of these fats.

Natural Parasite Cleanse Needed When There Are these Indicators:

Natural Parasite CleanseWhipworm Patasites

Basic obvious symptoms of infestation include: stress, stiffness, inability to sleep, bloating, gas, indigestion.

 Less obvious symptoms could include (at least as co-factors): cancer, diabetes, liver dysfunction, HIV infection, cold and flu symptoms, migraines, cysts, neurological disorders, anemia, chronic fatigue, general tiredness, frequent constipation, chronic weight problems, and iron deficiencies.

 If in doubt, do a thorough cleansing of the bowels and liver followed by a cycling of two weeks on and two weeks off  of anti-parasite herbs. If you feel better or if you pass a parasite it was definitely the right thing to do. Do the cleanse again in 7-10 days when the next batch of parasite eggs hatches.  Parasites are often passed in mucus.  A lump of mucus could be your proof of parasites.

Natural Parasite Cleanse Breaks Up Synergistic
Colonies of Invaders

Half of all living species are parasites in that they survive by making a living off the body or nutrients of other species. Parasites are made to survive and are very resistant to elimination.  The immune system generally can handle them if in good order.  When the immune system is weakened, parasite overgrowth occurs. 

According to Rev. Hanna Kroeger, parasites make a synergistic relationship with viruses, bacteria, and fungii forming colonies which are a cause of many of the new diseases we are plagued with now.  Heavy metals, chemicals and various forms of radiation contribute to the signals that attract various synergistic colonies into different places in the body. 

 The body is generally unequipped to handle multicellular and larger bacteria and viruses.  Some parasites have learned to evade the immune system by incorporating themselves within  macrophages, suppressing immune responses, or releasing different antigens. Using these methods they present a moving target, making it harder for the immune system to identify them.

Cancer cells coat themselves in mucus to evade detection; the more mucus you have in the body the less effective your immune system will be in locating these cells. Parasites have their own hormonal signals that can mimic human hormones and activate or suppress bodily functions.  Digestion or the production of acids and enzymes may be suppressed so parasite eggs have a better chance to survive.

Natural Parasite CleanseTrichomonas

Natural Parasite Cleanse Gives the Needed Lines of Defense

The first line of defense against parasites is good digestive enzymes to digest the protein coating on parasite eggs before they are able to implant in your intestines.  Supplemental enzymes and hydrochloric acid are necessary for the short term and perhaps long-term.  Low stomach acid may be due to an overly acidic body.

 When the tissues and fluids of the body become over acid, the parietal glands of the stomach stop producing digestive acids.  Jasmine tea, used commonly in the orient, is very helpful in reducing parasite infections. Cayenne pepper and various hot spices are very preventive because their contact with the intestines stimulates the flow of digestive fluids and mucus, which engulf foreign materials and stimulate parasites and waste materials to reduce their hold on intestinal walls.

 The second line of defense in a natural parasite cleanse is cleanliness, disinfecting hands after use of the toilet and cleanliness of home and environment.  When flushing a toilet, an aerosol tincture is created of minute particles of whatever is in the toilet.  You can easily be infected with whatever the previous person using the toilet has in his colon.

 A third line of defense is taking de-worming agents on a regular basis and keeping the immune system high.

 A fourth line of defense is a non-junk food diet with enough fiber to stimulate regular elimination and removal of all putrefactive substances, which are the breeding materials for parasites.

Natural Parasite Cleanse Summary

Natural Parasite Cleanse helps you deal with parasites as the trouble which they are.  Anti-parasite drugs poison on the principle that they kill the parasite before they kill you.

 You work against parasites by cleansing up your diet so it is no longer a source of body contamination.  You then thoroughly clean the body through liver and colon cleansing with the best products available.  Then you take specific anti-parasite herbs and anti-parasite herbal blends for 14 days followed every 14 days by a new cycle of herbs.  The more times you cycle the greater the probability you have removed every last egg.  Better to remove the eggs through the colon than for the healthy immune system to encapsulate and quarantine but either way you will be protected.

 Having less waste materials in the body definitely help the elimination of parasites. Creating a body which rapidly eliminates waste products is a defense to infestation by parasites. Natural parasite cleanse answers these issues.

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