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Parasites are the unpleasant and uninvited guests. A parasite cleanse is needed by most people because a person's body, especially the colon, is a friendly place to organisms designed to feed off other living beings.

 A parasite is an organism which lives off and generally within a host’s body. Parasites can be in our bodies or other living organisms like plants or animals.  They feed off nutrients taken into the host or by breaking down cells and organs of the host. They reproduce by simple division or by the laying of eggs.

 Parasites create toxins from their own bodies as well as wastes that result from their destruction of cells in the host. resulting from their living and breeding activities. Parasitic wastes can create fluid flows which draw in nutrients from the host to the parasite; this can be due to acid/ base balance working against the host, activated by enzymes and hormones created by the parasite.

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Parasite Cleans Reduces Restless Sleep, Anxiety and General Tension

Restlessness at night rather than sound sleep can result from this waste creation and nutrient harvesting from the host by parasites. Given the predatory intelligence of parasites, the toxic condition of the host, and lowered immunity, anti-parasite nutraceuticals often need to be taken for sometime to be completely effective.

 Testing for parasites is very unreliable.  Yet parasites are very common in the USA and much more common in third world countries. As we know there is currently a flood of millions of third world invaders today who are not checked for disease or quarantined for any illness including parasites.  These people will be employed often in food related industries and services, so defending against parasites is a must.   Parasite cleanse protects against this risk.

Parasite Cleanse For All Categories of Parasites

Human parasites are generally divided into the following categories:

 1) Protozoan in the blood, tissues and intestines.  They are very small, usually microscopic and are able to infect every tissue of the body.  Malaria is the most common protozoan disease.  Carriers are contaminated water and insects. These parasites may remain active in the human body for an entire lifetime, causing multiple complications and re-visitations.           

 2) Flukes or flatworm (trematode), are the most common parasite in the world including Europe and North America.  One common fluke, fasciolopsis buski grows to three and a half inches.  This fluke infects most people’s intestines and can infect other tissues including the heart, lung, liver and kidneys.  Flukes are difficult to get rid of and can accumulate over a ten to twenty year period. 

 3) Roundworms (nematodes) include the families of hookworm, pinworm, whipworm, threadworm and others.  These can range from nearly invisible to inches in length.  Often found in the intestines, these are often contracted through the skin.  They migrate throughout the body and present multiple symptoms of disease. 

 4) Tapeworms (cestodes) are generally the largest of the parasites and the ones most thought of and feared.  They are very mobile and will move around in the body.  Each tapeworm has three and four thousand segments containing fifty thousand eggs per segment.  They can release a million eggs a day.  Tapeworms can live as long as twenty-five years and grow rapidly up thirty-three feet within the intestinal tract.  Tapeworm larvae can be found in almost every organ and can infect at various developmental stages of the life cycle.  Tapeworm larvae can be six inches long.

 There are over three hundred types of parasites thriving in Americans today. They range in size from microscopic to twenty foot or longer ribbons of worms.  Mucus in the stool is often associated with parasites in the intestines. Rectal pH of 7.4 or above is a one indicator of parasites.

Parasite Cleanse, Five Lines of Defense

The first line of defense against parasites is good digestive enzymes to digest the protein coating on parasite eggs before they are able to implant in your intestines.  Supplemental enzymes and hydrochloric acid are necessary for the short term and perhaps long-term.  Low stomach acid may be due to an overly acidic body.  When the tissues and fluids of the body become over acid, the parietal glands of the stomach stop producing digestive acids.  Jasmine tea, used commonly in the orient, is very helpful in reducing parasite infections. Cayenne pepper and various hot spices are very preventive because their contact with the intestines stimulates the flow of digestive fluids and mucus, which engulf foreign materials and stimulate parasites and waste materials to reduce their hold on intestinal walls.

 The second line of defense is cleanliness, disinfecting hands after use of the toilet and cleanliness of home and environment.  When flushing a toilet, an aerosol tincture is created of minute particles of whatever is in the toilet.  You can easily be infected with whatever the previous person using the toilet has in his colon.

 A third line of defense is taking parasite cleansing herbal products two weeks on and two weeks off repeated. The more cycles you do, the greater the probability that parasites and parasite eggs have been removed. Parasite cleansing builds the immune system which in turn helps prevent re-infestation of parasites.

 A fourth line of defense is a non-junk food diet with enough fiber to stimulate regular elimination and removal of all putrefactive substances, which are the breeding materials for parasites.

 Fifth line of defense is regular colon cleansing with the best colon cleanser available.  Stimulation of bowel contractions and complete waste removal loosens up the hold parasites have upon the bowel wall and allows their expulsion.  Change the friendly environment of the host and the parasite tends not to hang around.  Parasite cleanse needed.

The first thing to do when you want a really good parasite cleanse is doing a really good job of cleansing the gut.

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