Pre-cleanse: what people fail to do before cleansing

Pre-cleanse: what people fail to do before cleansing 

Be sure to open all those sluggish organs of elimination. We have five of them (colon, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and the skin) with the colon being the number one organ of elimination to be concerned with when considering a cleanse. 

If you have a blockage or stoppage, when you begin to cleanse you could have a problem.

Pre-cleanse When Organs are sluggish

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Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

 When eliminative organs are sluggish, the depth and intensity of a cleanse must be moderated. Doing too much when sluggish yields limited results and can be a health hazard.

 A blocked colon could result in cleansing being shifted to another organ. If kidneys are challenged this could be serious. If the colon is blocked, fluids can be absorbed fully, drying the colon while excess fluids could place a burden on the kidneys.

 When toxins back up into other organs of elimination, you can have swelling of the lymphatic glands, skin eruptions or sinus and lung confession. In fact any tissue can have backup problems as a storage area. CHECK BELOW FOR DIETARY ASSISTANCE IN CLEANSE PREPARATION AND DETOXIFICATION.

A little nudge and a lot of elimination possible

  When you start taking body cleansing nutritionals, wastes will be stirred up for elimination. This will vary from person to person. Some people need just a small nudge with cleansing herbs and the body will want to cleanse itself.

 To eliminate these potential problems, no one should begin a cleanse without first getting the colon moving.  One or two good bowel movements before moving into the serious portion of a cleanse, is essential if you want to make the experience a good one.

 If the colon is blocked, the wastes stirred up won't eliminate quickly, meaning wastes may be reabsorbed and recycled for another try.  The likely result is to experience flu like systems which may take several days to clear from the system.

 A wise action is preparation for cleansing by pre-cleansing. Use of this product, Pre-cleanse as well as dietary changes for one or more days before the cleanse is recommended.

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foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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