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Don't fail to do this when CLEANSING !!!

Cleanse your body, you will feel better when you eliminate well


Instinctively people want to cleanse when not feeling well or in a moment of reflection realize that their lifestyle is poisoning them.

 In the past every family or community had its own methods and natural remedies to support healthful living.  Modern medicine largely supplanted this knowledge with allopathic medicine which has side effects.

 Cleansing can be as simple as cutting back on heavy and highly processed foods, adding in fresh vegetables, fruits and more good quality water.

 Many people today are looking for more information and a more complete program towards cleansing.  This website is being built around a lot of the different terms people use to search out this information with added information to make the cleansing process more effective for each person.

Foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

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Today We all need to be continuously cleansing

In the area of natural health improvement, a cleanse gives you your greatest benefit for money spent, the greatest results for time spent in a health activity and the greatest and most noticeable value and effect as compared to any other natural health activity available. 

 By doing periodic cleansing whether daily, two day. three day, or a seven day cleanse, you are assisting the body's natural process of continuous cleansing.

The body is in a constant state of digestion, assimilation and elimination.  There are few today who are not in constant toxic overload condition.  The world is toxic and as a result we are toxic.

Much of the food we eat  is of low quality in that it is hard to digest and low in the nutrients needed to create the energy we need for daily work and regeneration. The food, the air, the water are full of toxic materials that are absorbed by the body and then needing to be eliminated by a body too tired and dysfunctional to do this well.

 Toxins and body wastes not eliminated are stored in fats and other tissues awaiting the time when these can be safely eliminated. 

 The purpose of a cleanse is to help the elimination process of the body improve, so dangerous poisons and useless excess materials can be removed safely before harm to delicate tissues can be done.

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cleanse to build basic health today

Cleanse To Rebuild Basic HealthCleanse To Rebuild Basic Health

A basic principle of natural health is that you earn the level of health you have. You also earn your level of illness. Healthy body tissues reject all types of poisons until those tissues are enervated or totally fatigued.  Once fatigued and overloaded with toxicity, the body begins to store more poisons and eliminating less.

 A healthy person is bright and vibrant. Healthy issue is bright and vibrant also. As fatigue sets in there is a lowering of tissue vibrancy.

 The chart PATHWAYS TO HEALTH captures this concept well (there is a path to health; there is a path to illness.)

 Tissues become dull and dark moving from white to grey to brown black( and other colors) as seen in the tissues and iris of the eye, for example.  We see a change in tissue as the downward spiral continues.  

 When vibrant tissues meet a toxic condition by a flushing of wastes through the FIVE organs of elimination.  When fatigued those same organs become congested and blocked.

 A cleanse aims to reverse the process. replenishing the health reserves and substances needed to move out the toxic debris.   Rest, proper nourishment and potent cleansing herbs are called for in this process.

cleansing is a way to renew yourself today.......

In life the thought of a fresh start and a renewal of the self comes up often.  Hope of health improvement is a strong motive.   Cleansing fits into the renewal process. 

 In life we know we must clean up and organize before we begin projects.  To build health, we need to start at the foundation of cleansing.

 In the renewal process consider these SEVEN things:

  1. The quality of the fluids you are putting into your body.  Clean water does not add to the toxins needing removal.  Learn about good water, not tap water.
  2. Eliminate cooked grains as they are very harmful in the long term.
  3. Add more green leafy vegetables.
  4. Steam gently a variety of fresh vegetables.
  5. Avoid GMO products.
  6. Examine your values and beliefs, seek harmony with self, nature and others. Peaceful thoughts are building.  Better food for the body and mind does assist the healing process.
  7. Consider the organs of elimination.  Gentle cleansing assist these to recover.  Intense elimination challenge these and can cause more harm than good depending upon the level of health of the person cleansing.

A good rule of thumb to use in detoxifying is to monitor how you feel.  If you develop flu like symptoms during the course of a cleanse back off a bit and drink more water. Flu like symptoms are telling you that you are stirring up wastes for elimination faster than you are able to eliminate them.  

 Building the organs of elimination, cleansing them well, helps the deep tissue cleansing process. Focus on opening the organs of elimination.

cleanses,you have many choices.......

....daily, two day. three day, five day, seven day, fourteen day, twenty-one day cleanse and so forth. This is mainly a Do-It-Yourself project and products for sale often lack the information and direction needed for best results. The Do-It-Yourselfer often lacks knowledge and clinical experience enough to make good or the best choice for himself.

 There are many products for body purification today.  The original designers of many had a personal interest in creating and sharing something good to help but now are just marketed by impersonal corporations.

why i am here........ be useful, to share knowledge, to share a great tradition in natural healing methods given to us by our ancestors.

 You will find a different approach here more in line with the great traditions in natural healing which have always been based upon improving the body's ability to eliminate wastes and poisons and building vitality and health, building a complete and good life. I welcome you here. I hope to help you here.

                                                             -------- Mr. Cleanse

foods to support the cleansing and detoxification process:

37 Natural Recipes, Six Vege Super SaladCarrot Super Salad, Super Vital Soup,                                          Sprouting Enhanced Diet, Easy Digest Diet, 15 Guides To Detox Diet